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Vol. 40, No. 3, 2008

Pollen Evidence for Late Pleistocene Bering Land Bridge Environments from Norton Sound, Northeastern Bering Sea, Alaska  
Thomas A. Ager and R. Lawrence Phillips
Lakes and Forests as Determinants of Downstream Nutrient Concentrations in Small Mountain Watersheds  
Phil D. Brown, Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh, and Koren R. Nydick
Spatiotemporal Distribution of Free-Living Nematodes in Glacial-Fed Stream Reaches (Hohe Tauern, Eastern Alps, Austria)  
Ursula Eisendle
Effects of Leaf Size on Forage Selection by Collared Pikas, Ochotona collaris  
James M. G. Hudson, Shawn F. Morrison, and David S. Hik
Interannual Ecosystem CO2 Dynamics in the Alpine Zone of the Eastern Alps, Austria  
Oliver Koch, Dagmar Tscherko, Manfred Küppers, and Ellen Kandeler
Late Glacial and Early Holocene Climatic Changes Based on a Multiproxy Lacustrine Sediment Record from Northeast Siberia  
H. D. Kokorowski, P. M. Anderson, R. S. Sletten, A. V. Lozhkin, and T. A. Brown
Are Cambisols in Alpine Karst Autochthonous or Eolian in Origin?  
Carola Küfmann
Using Geophysical Methods to Study the Shallow Subsurface of a Sensitive Alpine Environment, Niwot Ridge, Colorado Front Range, U.S.A.  
Matthias Leopold, David Dethier, Jörg Völkel, Thomas Raab, Tyler Corson Rikert, and Nel Caine
Modeling Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reactions in Subglacial Environments  
Andrew C. Mitchell and Giles H. Brown
Late Holocene Debris Flows and Valley Floor Development in the Northern Zailiiskiy Alatau, Tien Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan  
David G. Passmore, Stephan Harrison, Vanessa Winchester, Alaric Rae, Igor Severskiy, and Nina V. Pimankina
Relationships between Vaccinium vitis-idaea and the Frequency of Its Fungal Pathogen Exobasidium splendidum, and the Environment  
Tuija Pehkonen and Anne Tolvanen
Altered Snow Density and Chemistry Change Soil Nitrogen Mineralization and Plant Growth  
Christian Rixen, Michele Freppaz, Veronika Stoeckli, Christine Huovinen, Kai Huovinen, and Sonja Wipf
Mycorrhizal and Dark-Septate Fungi in Plant Roots above 4270 Meters Elevation in the Andes and Rocky Mountains  
S. K. Schmidt, L. C. Sobieniak-Wiseman, S. A. Kageyama, S. R. P. Halloy, and C. W. Schadt
Evaluating the Response of Cladocera to Recent Environmental Changes in Lakes from the Central Canadian Arctic Treeline Region  
Jon N. Sweetman, Elyse LaFace, Kathleen M. Rühland, and John P. Smol
Root-Fungal Associations of Colobanthus quitensis and Deschampsia antarctica in the Maritime and Subantarctic  
R. Upson, K. K. Newsham, and D. J. Read
Tribute—A Legendary Glaciologist: Academician Shi Yafeng on His Ninetieth Birthday  
Tingjun Zhang and Daqing Yang
The Bristlecone Book, by Ronald M. Lanner   reviewed work
Jeff Lukas