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Vol. 42, No. 2, 2010

Alpine Nodal Ecology and Ecosystem Evolution in the North-Central Rockies (Mount Washburn; Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming)  
Ken Aho and T. Weaver
Influence of Soil Chemical Variables and Altitude on the Distribution of High-alpine Plants: the Case of the Andes of Central Chile  
Vinka Anic, Luis Felipe Hinojosa, Javiera Díaz-Forester, Elena Bustamante, Luz María de la Fuente, Jean Francois Casale, Jean Paul de la Harpe, Gloria Montenegro, and Rosanna Ginocchio
Climate in the Southern Sawatch Range and Elk Mountains, Colorado, U.S.A., during the Last Glacial Maximum: Inferences Using a Simple Degree-Day Model  
Keith A. Brugger
Landscape Heterogeneity of Differently Aged Soil Organic Matter Constituents at the Forest–Alpine Tundra Ecotone, Niwot Ridge, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Anthony Darrouzet-Nardi
Blowing Snow Fluxes in the Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia, Canada  
Stephen J. Déry, Andrew Clifton, Shane MacLeod, and Matthew J. Beedle
Twentieth-century Changes in the Thickness and Extent of Arapaho Glacier, Front Range, Colorado  
Benjamin D. Haugen, Ted A. Scambos, W. Tad Pfeffer, and Robert S. Anderson
Characterization of the Community of Snow Algae and Their Photochemical Performance in situ in the Giant Mountains, Czech Republic  
Jana Kvíderová
Petal Color, Flower Temperature, and Behavior in an Alpine Annual Herb, Gentiana leucomelaena (Gentianaceae)  
Junpeng Mu, Guoyong Li, and Shucun Sun
Demographic Consequences of the Two Reproductive Modes in Poa alpina L. along a Primary Succession Gradient in the Central Alps  
Eckart Winkler, Silvia Marcante, and Brigitta Erschbamer
In Memoriam -- Leslie A. Viereck  
Ted Dyrness, Keith Van Cleve, and John Yarie
Crevasse Roulette. The First Trans-Antarctic Crossing 1957–58, by Jon Stephenson   reviewed work
Kim Malville
Tukiliit: the Stone People Who Live in the Wind. An Introduction to Inuksuit and Other Stone Figures of the North, by Norman Hallendy   reviewed work
Astrid E. J. Ogilvie
Apun: the Arctic Snow (second edition), by Matthew Sturm   reviewed work
John LeMasurier