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Vol. 42, No. 3, 2010

Introduction—The Impacts of the 2008 Eruption of Kasatochi Volcano on Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska   special section
Anthony R. DeGange, G. Vernon Byrd, Lawrence R. Walker, and C. F. Waythomas
August 2008 Eruption of Kasatochi Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska—Resetting an Island Landscape   special section
William E. Scott, Christopher J. Nye, Christopher F. Waythomas, and Christina A. Neal
The Geomorphology of an Aleutian Volcano following a Major Eruption: the 7–8 August 2008 Eruption of Kasatochi Volcano, Alaska, and Its Aftermath   special section
Christopher F. Waythomas, William E. Scott, and Christopher J. Nye
Characterization of Pyroclastic Deposits and Pre-eruptive Soils following the 2008 Eruption of Kasatochi Island Volcano, Alaska   special section
Bronwen Wang, Gary Michaelson, Chien-Lu Ping, Geoffrey Plumlee, and Philip Hageman
Post-eruption Legacy Effects and Their Implications for Long-Term Recovery of the Vegetation on Kasatochi Island, Alaska   special section
Stephen S. Talbot, Sandra Looman Talbot, and Lawrence R. Walker
Terrestrial Arthropods of Pre- and Post-eruption Kasatochi Island, Alaska, 2008–2009: a Shift from a Plant-Based to a Necromass-Based Food Web   special section
Derek S. Sikes and Jozef Slowik
Initial Effects of the August 2008 Volcanic Eruption on Breeding Birds and Marine Mammals at Kasatochi Island, Alaska   special section
Jeffrey C. Williams, Brie A. Drummond, and Rachel T. Buxton
The Nearshore Benthic Community of Kasatochi Island, One Year after the 2008 Volcanic Eruption   special section
Stephen C. Jewett, James L. Bodkin, Héloïse Chenelot, George G. Esslinger, and Max K. Hoberg
At-sea Observations of Marine Birds and Their Habitats before and after the 2008 Eruption of Kasatochi Volcano, Alaska   special section
Gary S. Drew, Donald E. Dragoo, Martin Renner, and John F. Piatt
The Importance of Long-Term Studies of Ecosystem Reassembly after the Eruption of the Kasatochi Island Volcano   special section
Roger del Moral
Radiocarbon Content of CO2 Respired from High Arctic Tundra in Northwest Greenland  
Claudia I. Czimczik and Jeffrey M. Welker
Regional Variation in Successional Trajectories and Rates of Vegetation Change on Glacier Forelands in South-Central Norway  
Jane A. Robbins and John A. Matthews
Range Expansion of Thermophilic Aspen (Populus tremula L.) in the Swedish Subarctic  
Rik Van Bogaert, Christer Jonasson, Morgan De Dapper, and Terry V. Callaghan
Greetings from Spitsbergen: Tourists at the Eternal Ice 1827–1914, by John T. Reilly   reviewed work
Suzanne P. Anderson