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Vol. 43, No. 4, 2011

After 33 Years, Trees More Frequent and Shrubs More Abundant in Northeast U.S. Alpine Community  
R. S. Capers and A. D. Stone
Expanded and Recently Increased Glacier Surging in the Karakoram  
Luke Copland, Tyler Sylvestre, Michael P. Bishop, John F. Shroder, Yeong Bae Seong, Lewis A. Owen, Andrew Bush, and Ulrich Kamp
Characteristics of Atmospheric Dust Deposition in Snow on Glacier No. 72, Mount Tuomuer, China  
Dong Zhiwen and Li Zhongqin
Reconstructing the Glacial History of Green Lakes Valley, North Boulder Creek, Colorado Front Range  
Miriam Dühnforth and Robert S. Anderson
Landscape Variation in the Diet and Productivity of Reindeer in Alaska Based on Stable Isotope Analyses  
Gregory L. Finstad and Knut Kielland
Spatiotemporal Pattern of Primary Succession in Relation to Meso-topographic Gradients on Recently Deglaciated Terrains in the Patagonian Andes  
Irene A. Garibotti, Clara I. Pissolito, and Ricardo Villalba
Terrestrial and Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages as a Function of Wetland Type across a Mountain Landscape  
Jeffrey G. Holmquist, Jennifer R. Jones, Jutta Schmidt-Gengenbach, Lyra F. Pierotti, and Jason P. Love
Relationships between Flowering Phenology and Functional Traits in Eastern Tibet Alpine Meadow  
Peng Jia, Twenke Bayaerta, Xiangqian Li, and Guozhen Du
The Potential Impact of CO2 and Air Temperature Increases on Krummholz Transformation into Arborescent Form in the Southern Siberian Mountains  
V. I. Kharuk, M. L. Dvinskaya, S. T. Im, and K. J. Ranson
Influence of Topography on the Colonization of Subalpine Grasslands by the Thorny Cushion Dwarf Echinospartum horridum  
Benjamin Komac, Concepción L. Alados, and Jesus Julio Camarero
Effects of Soil Nutrient Availability on the Role of Sexual Reproduction in an Alaskan Tundra Plant Community  
Carol Ann Moulton and Laura Gough
Indirect Growth Curves Remain the Best Choice for Lichenometry: Evidence from Directly Measured Growth Rates from Svalbard  
Steven Roof and Al Werner
Glacial Effects on Discharge and Sediment Load in the Subarctic Tanana River Basin, Alaska  
Tomoyuki Wada, K. A. Chikita, Y. Kim, and I. Kudo
Possibilities and Limitations of Dendrogeomorphic Time-Series Reconstructions on Sites Influenced by Debris Flows and Frequent Snow Avalanche Activity  
Barbara Kogelnig-Mayer, Markus Stoffel, Michelle Schneuwly-Bollschweiler, Johannes Hübl, and Florian Rudolf-Miklau
People of the Lakes: Stories of Our Van Tat Gwitch’in Elders/Googwandak Nakhwach’ànjòo Van Tat Gwitch’in, by Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation and Shirleen Smith   reviewed work
Astrid E. J. Ogilvie
Arctic Discourses, edited by Anka Ryall, Johan Schimanski, and Henning Howlid Wærp   reviewed work
Shelly Sommer