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Vol. 44, No. 3, 2012

Climate Inferences from a Glaciological Reconstruction of the Late Pleistocene Wind River Ice Cap, Wind River Range, Wyoming  
Sean D. Birkel, Aaron E. Putnam, George H. Denton, Peter O. Koons, James L. Fastook, Kirk A. Maasch, and David E. Putnam
Effects of Recreational Traffic on Alpine Plant Communities in the Northern Canadian Rockies  
Varina E. Crisfield, S. Ellen Macdonald, and A. Joyce Gould
Fine Scale Patterns of Soil and Plant Surface Temperatures in an Alpine Fellfield Habitat, White Mountains, California  
Eric A. Graham, Philip W. Rundel, William Kaiser, Yeung Lam, Michael Stealey, and Eric M. Yuen
The Surface Energy Budget in the Accumulation Zone of the Laohugou Glacier No.12 in the Western Qilian Mountains, China, in Summer 2009 [open access]  
Weijun Sun, Xiang Qin, Jiawen Ren, Xingguo Yang, Tong Zhang, Yushuo Liu, Xiaoqing Cui, and Wentao Du
Modeling Suspended Sediment Concentration and Transport, Mittivakkat Glacier, Southeast Greenland  
Robert S. Fausto, Sebastian H. Mernild, Bent Hasholt, Andreas P. Ahlstrøm, and Niels T. Knudsen
Is Alaska’s Boreal Forest Now Crossing a Major Ecological Threshold?  
Daniel H. Mann, T. Scott Rupp, Mark A. Olson, and Paul A. Duffy
Seasonal Frost Tolerance of Trees in the New Zealand Treeline Ecotone  
Ellen Cieraad, Matt McGlone, Margaret M. Barbour, and Brian Huntley
Seed Production and in situ Germination of Lamyropsis microcephala (Asteraceae), a Threatened Mediterranean Mountain Species  
Efisio Mattana, Giuseppe Fenu, and Gianluigi Bacchetta
Spatial Genetic Structure of the Sedge Carex nigra Reflects Hydrological Conditions in an Alpine Fen  
Daniela Listl and Christoph Reisch
Geometric Changes in a Tidewater Glacier in Svalbard during its Surge Cycle  
Tavi Murray, Timothy D. James, Yuri Macheret, Ivan Lavrentiev, Andrey Glazovsky, and Helena Sykes
Permafrost, Infrastructure, and Climate Change: a GIS-Based Landscape Approach to Geotechnical Modeling  
Dmitry A. Streletskiy, Nikolay I. Shiklomanov, and Frederick E. Nelson
The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won't Tell You about Global Warming, by Roger Pielke, Jr. [open access]   reviewed work
John D. Jacobs
Calendar [open access]