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Vol. 45, No. 1, 2013

In Memoriam - Mark F. Meier [open access]  
Tad Pfeffer
Central Svalbard 2000–2011 Meteorological Dynamics and Periglacial Landscape Response  
Hanne H. Christiansen, Ole Humlum, and Markus Eckerstorfer
First Glacier Inventory and Recent Changes in Glacier Area in the Monte San Lorenzo Region (47°S), Southern Patagonian Andes, South America  
Daniel Falaschi, Claudio Bravo, Mariano Masiokas, Ricardo Villalba, and Andrés Rivera
Geodetic Mass Balance of Glaciers in the Central Brooks Range, Alaska, U.S.A., from 1970 to 2001  
Jason Geck, Regine Hock, and Matt Nolan
Hill Slope Variations in Chlorophyll Fluorescence Indices and Leaf Traits in a Small Arctic Watershed  
Kevin L. Griffin, David J. Epstein, and Natalie T. Boelman
Modeling Canopy CO2 Exchange in the European Russian Arctic  
Isabell Kiepe, Thomas Friborg, Mathias Herbst, Torbjörn Johansson, and Henrik Soegaard
Mapping Wildfire Burn Severity in the Arctic Tundra from Downsampled MODIS Data  
Crystal A. Kolden and John Rogan
Surface Water Temperature and Ice Cover of Tatra Mountains Lakes Depend on Altitude, Topographic Shading, and Bathymetry [open access]  
Milan Novikmec, Marek Svitok, Dušan Kočický, Ferdinand Šporka, and Peter Bitušík
Surface Soil Organic Matter Qualities of Three Distinct Canadian Arctic Sites  
Maxime C. Paré and Angela Bedard-Haughn
The Effects of Mite Galling on the Ecophysiology of Two Arctic Willows  
Rajit Patankar, Gregory Starr, Behzad Mortazavi, Steven F. Oberbauer, and Alyssa Rosenblum
Australian Snowpack Disappearing under the Influence of Global Warming and Solar Activity  
Francisco Sánchez-Bayo and Ken Green
n-Alkanes in Fresh Snow in Hokkaido, Japan: Implications for Ice Core Studies  
Paula Sankelo, Kimitaka Kawamura, Osamu Seki, Hideaki Shibata, and James Bendle
Effects of Manipulated Precipitation and Shading on Cassiope tetragona Growth and Carbon Isotope Discrimination: a High Arctic Field Study  
Stef Weijers, Lia Auliaherliaty, Richard van Logtestijn, and Jelte Rozema
Modeling Glacier Behavior under Different Precipitation Seasonalities [open access]  
Satoru Yamaguchi and Koji Fujita
The State of the Poles: Climate Lessons from the International Polar Year by Christian Bjørnæs and Pål Prestrud [open access]   reviewed work
Hugh French
Circumpolar Health Atlas by Senior Editor T. Kue Young and Associate Editors Rajiv Rawat, Winfried Dallmann, Susan Chatwood, and Peter Bjerregaard [open access]   reviewed work
Astrid E. J. Ogilvie
Calendar [open access]