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Vol. 45, No. 3, 2013

Changes in Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) Fluorescence in Proglacial Antarctic Streams  
J. D. Barker, A. Dubnick, W. B. Lyons, and Y.-P. Chin
Changes in Land Use of Pyrenean Mountain Pastures—Ski Runs and Livestock Management—Between 1972 and 2005 and the Effects on Subalpine Grasslands  
O. Barrantes, R. Reiné, and C. Ferrer
Particle Size Sampling and Object-Oriented Image Analysis for Field Investigations of Snow Particle Size, Shape, and Distribution  
Susanne Ingvander, Ian A. Brown, Peter Jansson, Per Holmlund, Cecilia Johansson, and Gunhild Rosqvist
Terrestrially Derived n-Alkane δD Evidence of Shifting Holocene Paleohydrology in Highland Costa Rica  
Chad S. Lane and Sally P. Horn
Sediment Transport and Bedrock Erosion by Wet Snow Avalanches in the Guggigraben, Matter Valley, Switzerland  
Jeffrey R. Moore, Jonas Egloff, Jan Nagelisen, Michael Hunziker, Ulrich Aerne, and Marc Christen
Influence of Two N-Fixing Legumes on Plant Community Properties and Soil Nutrient Levels in an Alpine Ecosystem  
Siri L. Olsen, Sylvi M. Sandvik, and Ørjan Totland
Surviving the Winter in Northern Forests: an Experimental Study of Fuelwood Consumption and Living Space in a Sami Tent Hut  
Lars Östlund, Lars Liedgren, and Torbjörn Josefsson
A New Tree-Ring-Based, Semi-quantitative Approach for the Determination of Snow Avalanche Events: Use of Classification Trees for Validation  
Romain Schläppy, Vincent Jomelli, Delphine Grancher, Markus Stoffel, Christophe Corona, Daniel Brunstein, Nicolas Eckert, and Michael Deschatres
Patterns of Selective Caching Behavior of a Generalist Herbivore, the American Pika (Ochotona princeps)  
Justine A. Smith and Liesl P. Erb
Landscape Influences on Recent Timberline Shifts in the Carpathian Mountains: Abiotic Influences Modulate Effects of Land-Use Change  
Peter J. Weisberg, Oleksandra Shandra, and Miles E. Becker
Diaspores of the Introduced Species Poa annua L. in Soil Samples from King George Island (South Shetlands, Antarctica)  
Maciej Wódkiewicz, Halina Galera, Katarzyna J. Chwedorzewska, Irena Giełwanowska, and Maria Olech
Alpine Treelines: Functional Ecology of the Global High Elevation Tree Limits, by Christian Körner [open access]   reviewed work
David M. Cairns
The Reindeer Botanist: Alf Erling Porsild, 1901–1977, by Wendy Dathan [open access]   reviewed work
David F. Murray
A History of the Arctic: Nature, Exploration and Exploitation, by John McCannon [open access]   reviewed work
John F. Hoffecker
Polar Bears: The Natural History of a Threatened Species, by Ian Stirling [open access]   reviewed work
Irina Overeem
Calendar [open access]