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Vol. 45, No. 4, 2013

Vegetation Mediates Soil Temperature and Moisture in Arctic-Alpine Environments  
Juha Aalto, Peter C. le Roux, and Miska Luoto
Do Cryoconite Holes Have the Potential to be Significant Sources of C, N, and P to Downstream Depauperate Ecosystems of Taylor Valley, Antarctica?  
Elizabeth A. Bagshaw, Martyn Tranter, Andrew G. Fountain, Kathleen Welch, Hassan J. Basagic, and W. Berry Lyons
Snow Fungi–Induced Mortality of Pinus cembra at the Alpine Treeline: Evidence from Plantations  
Ignacio Barbeito, Regina L. Brücker, Christian Rixen, and Peter Bebi
Distinct Communities of Free-Living and Copepod-Associated Microorganisms along a Salinity Gradient in Godthåbsfjord, West Greenland  
Claudia Dziallas, Hans-Peter Grossart, Kam W. Tang, and Torkel Gissel Nielsen
Aerial Dispersal of Invertebrates and Mosses Close to a Receding Alpine Glacier in Southern Norway  
Daniel Flø and Sigmund Hågvar
Dendroclimatic Response of Picea crassifolia along an Altitudinal Gradient in the Eastern Qilian Mountains, Northwest China  
LinLin Gao, XiaoHua Gou, Yang Deng, MeiXue Yang, ZhiQian Zhao, and ZongYing Cao
Fine-Scale Variations of Near-Surface-Temperature Lapse Rates in the High Drakensberg Escarpment, South Africa: Environmental Implications  
Stefan W. Grab
Shrub Expansion in SW Greenland under Modest Regional Warming: Disentangling Effects of Human Disturbance and Grazing  
Rasmus H. Jørgensen, Henrik Meilby, and Johannes Kollmann
Tree-Line Structure and Dynamics at the Northern Limit of the Larch Forest: Anabar Plateau, Siberia, Russia  
Viacheslav I. Kharuk, Kenneth J. Ranson, Sergey T. Im, Pavel A. Oskorbin, Maria L. Dvinskaya, and Dmitriy V. Ovchinnikov
Responses of Low Arctic Stream Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities to Environmental Drivers at Nested Spatial Scales  
Jennifer Lento, Wendy A. Monk, Joseph M. Culp, R. Allen Curry, David Cote, and Eric Luiker
Changes in Ice-Flow Velocity and Surface Elevation from 1874 to 2006 in Rhonegletscher, Switzerland  
Daisuke Nishimura, Shin Sugiyama, Andreas Bauder, and Martin Funk
Spatial Distribution Patterns of the Antarctic Hair Grass Deschampsia antarctica in Relation to Environmental Variables on Barton Peninsula, King George Island  
Jeong Soo Park, In-Young Ahn, and Eun Ju Lee
The Legacy of Destructive Snow Goose Foraging on Supratidal Marsh Habitat in the Hudson Bay Lowlands  
Stephen L. Peterson, Robert F. Rockwell, Christopher R. Witte, and David N. Koons
The Response of Alpine Salix Shrubs to Long-Term Browsing Varies with Elevation and Herbivore Density  
James D. M. Speed, Gunnar Austrheim, Alison J. Hester, and Atle Mysterud
Using Water Isotope Tracers to Develop the Hydrological Component of a Long-Term Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Program for a Northern Lake-Rich Landscape  
J. M. E. Tondu, K. W. Turner, B. B. Wolfe, R. I. Hall, T. W. D. Edwards, and I. McDonald
Permafrost Hydrology by Ming-ko Woo [open access]   reviewed work
Shemin Ge
Shipwreck at Cape Flora: the Expeditions of Benjamin Leigh Smith, England’s Forgotten Arctic Explorer by P. J. Capelotti [open access]   reviewed work
Nel Caine
The Vegetation of Antarctica through Geological Time by David J. Cantrill and Imogen Poole {open access]   reviewed work
James W. Collinson
Calendar [open access]