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Vol. 46, No. 1, 2014

Special Issue:

Environmental Change in the Hudson and James Bay Region, Canada

Klaus P. U. Hochheim: Dedication [open access]  
David Barber
Introduction—Environmental Change in the Hudson and James Bay Region  
Wendel (Bill) Keller, Andrew M. Paterson, Kathleen M. Rühland, and Jules M. Blais
Pollen-Derived Paleovegetation Reconstruction and Long-Term Carbon Accumulation at a Fen Site in the Attawapiskat River Watershed, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada  
Benjamin C. O’Reilly, Sarah A. Finkelstein, and Joan Bunbury
Peatland Initiation, Carbon Accumulation, and 2 ka Depth in the James Bay Lowland and Adjacent Regions  
James R. Holmquist, Glen M. MacDonald, and Angela Gallego-Sala
Differential Development of Two Palsa Fields in a Peatland Located near Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik, Northern Québec, Canada [open access]  
Marie-Ève Fillion, Najat Bhiry, and Mustapha Touazi
Holocene Climate and Environmental Changes in Western Subarctic Québec as Inferred from the Sedimentology and the Geomorphology of a Lake Watershed [open access]  
Donald Cayer and Najat Bhiry
An Update on the Ice Climatology of the Hudson Bay System [open access]  
Klaus P. Hochheim and David G. Barber
Effects of Climate Change on Peatlands in the Far North of Ontario, Canada: a Synthesis  
Jim McLaughlin and Kara Webster
Two Bogs in the Canadian Hudson Bay Lowlands and a Temperate Bog Reveal Similar Annual Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2  
Elyn R. Humphreys, Chris Charron, Mathew Brown, and Randall Jones
The Fate of Hudson Bay Lowlands Palsas in a Changing Climate [open access]  
Andrew Tam, William A. Gough, Slawomir Kowal, and Changwei Xie
An Exploratory Survey of Summer Water Chemistry and Plankton Communities in Lakes near the Sutton River, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada  
Andrew M. Paterson, W. (Bill) Keller, Kathleen M. Rühland, F. Chris Jones, and Jennifer G. Winter
A Multi-trophic Exploratory Survey of Recent Environmental Changes Using Lake Sediments in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada  
Kathleen M. Rühland, Kathryn E. Hargan, Adam Jeziorski, Andrew M. Paterson, W. (Bill) Keller, and John P. Smol
Spatial, Environmental, and Biotic Determinants of Zooplankton Community Composition in Subarctic Lakes and Ponds in Wapusk National Park, Canada  
Celia C. Symons, Michael T. Pedruski, Shelley E. Arnott, and Jon N. Sweetman
Nutrient Uptake and Short-Term Responses of Phytoplankton and Benthic Algal Communities from a Subarctic Pond to Experimental Nutrient Enrichment in Microcosms  
Kaleigh A. Eichel, Merrin L. Macrae, Roland I. Hall, LeeAnn Fishback, and Brent B. Wolfe
Avian-Driven Modification of Seasonal Carbon Cycling at a Tundra Pond in the Hudson Bay Lowlands (Northern Manitoba, Canada)  
Lauren A. MacDonald, Nicole Farquharson, Roland I. Hall, Brent B. Wolfe, Merrin L. Macrae, and Jon N. Sweetman
Hydrological Connectivity and Basin Morphometry Influence Seasonal Water-Chemistry Variations in Tundra Ponds of the Northwestern Hudson Bay Lowlands  
Jerry White, Roland I. Hall, Brent B. Wolfe, Erin M. Light, Merrin L. Macrae, and LeeAnn Fishback
Surface Water and Groundwater Contributions to Streamflow in the James Bay Lowland, Canada [open access]  
Julia Orlova and Brian A. Branfireun
Subarctic Thermokarst Ponds: Investigating Recent Landscape Evolution and Sediment Dynamics in Thawed Permafrost of Northern Québec (Canada) [open access]  
Frédéric Bouchard, Pierre Francus, Reinhard Pienitz, Isabelle Laurion, and Stéphane Feyte
Observed and Projected Climate Change in the Churchill Region of the Hudson Bay Lowlands and Implications for Pond Sustainability  
Merrin L. Macrae, Laura C. Brown, Claude R. Duguay, Jennifer A. Parrott, and Richard M. Petrone
Antarctica: Global Science from a Frozen Continent edited by David H. W. Walton [open access]   reviewed work
David H. Elliot
Science in the Snow; Fifty Years of International Collaboration through the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research by David W. H. Walton, Peter Clarkson, and Colin Summerhayes [open access]   reviewed work
John C. Behrendt
Polar and Alpine Meetings Calendar [open access]  
Errata [open access]