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Vol. 46, No. 2, 2014

Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Ice-Covered Upper Dumbell Lake (Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada) during the Summer of 1959  
Spencer Apollonio and Jasmine E. Saros
Plant Species Richness, Evenness, and Composition along Environmental Gradients in an Alpine Meadow Grazing Ecosystem in Central Tibet, China  
Tsechoe Dorji, Stein R. Moe, Julia A. Klein, and Ørjan Totland
Arctic-Alpine Plants Decline over Two Decades in Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.A.  
Peter Lesica
Short-Term Effects of Pack Animal Grazing Exclusion from Andean Alpine Meadows [open access]  
Agustina Barros, Catherine Marina Pickering, and Daniel Renison
Distinct Fluvial Patterns of a Headwater Stream Network Underlain by Discontinuous Permafrost  
John T. Crawford and Emily H. Stanley
Hydrological Control of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in a Sierra Nevada Subalpine Meadow  
Joseph C. Blankinship and Stephen C. Hart
Present-Day Solifluction Processes in the Semi-arid Range of Sierra Nevada (Spain)  
Marc Oliva, Antonio Gómez Ortiz, Ferran Salvador Franch, and Montserrat Salvà Catarineu
Dynamic Cloud Regimes, Incident Sunlight, and Leaf Temperatures in Espeletia grandiflora and Chusquea tessellata, Two Representative Species of the Andean Páramo, Colombia  
Adriana Sanchez, Juan M. Posada, and William K. Smith
Effects of Temperature Forcing Provenance and Extrapolation on the Performance of an Empirical Glacier-Melt Model  
Brett A. Wheler, Andrew H. MacDougall, Gwenn E. Flowers, Eric I. Petersen, Paul H. Whitfield, and Karen E. Kohfeld
Ice Volume Estimates from Ground-Penetrating Radar Surveys, Wedel Jarlsberg Land Glaciers, Svalbard  
F. J. Navarro, A. Martín-Español, J. J. Lapazaran, M. Grabiec, J. Otero, E. V. Vasilenko, and D. Puczko
Relative Abundance and Functional Role of Whitebark Pine at Treeline in the Northern Rocky Mountains  
Diana F. Tomback, Kathryn G. Chipman, Lynn M. Resler, Emily K. Smith-McKenna, and Cyndi M. Smith
Effects of Grazing Exclusion on Plant Functional Group Diversity of Alpine Grasslands along a Precipitation Gradient on the Northern Tibetan Plateau  
Jianshuang Wu, Zhenxi Shen, Peili Shi, Yuting Zhou, and Xianzhou Zhang
Effects of Prostrate Dwarf Pine on Norway Spruce Clonal Groups in the Treeline Ecotone of the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains, Czech Republic  
Martin Šenfeldr, Václav Treml, Petr Maděra, and Daniel Volařík
Influence of Experimental Warming on Heat and Water Fluxes of Alpine Meadows in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau  
Xian Xue, Manhou Xu, Quangang You, and Fei Peng
Soil Moisture Dynamics in a Mountainous Headwater Area in the Discontinuous Permafrost Zone of northern Mongolia  
Benjamin J. Kopp, Stefanie Minderlein, and Lucas Menzel
Microbial Cell Retention in a Melting High Arctic Snowpack, Svalbard  
Mats P. Björkman, Jakub D. Zarsky, Rafael Kühnel, Andy Hodson, Birgit Sattler, and Roland Psenner
Thermal Regimes and Snowpack Relations of Periglacial Talus Slopes, Sierra Nevada, California, U.S.A.  
Constance I. Millar, Robert D. Westfall, and Diane L. Delany
A Cryosphere-Hydrology Observation System in a Small Alpine Watershed in the Qilian Mountains of China and Its Meteorological Gradient  
R. S. Chen, Y. X. Song, E. S. Kang, C. T. Han, J. F. Liu, Y. Yang, W. W. Qing, and Z. W. Liu
Mammoths and the Environment by Valentina V. Ukraintseva [open access]   reviewed work
Steven R. Holen
Mountain Geography: Physical and Human Dimensions edited by Martin F. Price, Alton C. Byers, Donald A. Friend, Thomas Kohler, and Larry W. Price [open access]   reviewed work
Peter Birkeland
The Fast-Changing Arctic: Rethinking Arctic Security for a Warmer World edited by Barry Scott Zellen [open access]   reviewed work
John D. Jacobs
Antarctica: a Biography by David Day [open access]   reviewed work
Charles R. Bentley
Polar and Alpine Meetings Calendar [open access]