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Vol. 46, No. 3, 2014

Experimental Effects of Herbivore Density on Aboveground Plant Biomass in an Alpine Grassland Ecosystem  
Gunnar Austrheim, James D. M. Speed, Vegard Martinsen, Jan Mulder, and Atle Mysterud
Disturbances as hot spots of ecotypic variation: a case study with Dryas octopetala  
James B. McGraw, Jessica B. Turner, Jennifer L. Chandler, and Milan C. Vavrek
The optimization of seed yield across the flowering season of Gentiana leucomelaena (Gentianaceae), an herbaceous Tibetan annual  
Junpeng Mu, Youhong Peng, Karl J. Niklas, and Shucun Sun
Influence of snow, food, and rock cover on Royle’s pika abundance in western Himalaya  
Sabuj Bhattacharyya, Bhupendra Singh Adhikari, and Gopal Singh Rawat
Robustness of alpine pollination networks: effects of network structure and consequences for endemic plants  
Silvia Santamaría, Javier Galeano, Juan Manuel Pastor, and Marcos Méndez
Determinants of 15N natural abundance in leaves of co-occurring plant species and types within an alpine lichen heath in the Northern Caucasus  
M. I. Makarov, V. G. Onipchenko, T. I. Malysheva, R. S. P. van Logtestijn, N. A. Soudzilovskaia, and J. H. C. Cornelissen
Community structure of oribatid and gamasid mites (Acari) in moss-grass tundra in Svalbard (Spitsbergen, Norway)  
Stanisław Seniczak, Anna Seniczak, Dariusz J. Gwiazdowicz, and Stephen J. Coulson
Regional climate change evidenced by recent shifts in chironomid community composition in subalpine and alpine lakes in the Great Basin of the United States  
Scott A. Reinemann, David F. Porinchu, and Bryan G. Mark
Shrub expansion over the past 62 years in Rocky Mountain alpine tundra: possible causes and consequences  
Adam Formica, Emily C. Farrer, Isabel W. Ashton, and Katharine N. Suding
Change of snow cover and its impact on alpine vegetation in the source regions of large rivers on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China  
Yun-fan Wan, Qing-zhu Gao, Yue Li, Xiao-bo Qin, Ganjurjav, Wei-na Zhang, Xin Ma, and Shuo Liu
Influence of rock glaciers on stream hydrology in the La Sal Mountains, Utah  
Stuart T. Geiger, J. Michael Daniels, Scott N. Miller, and Joseph W. Nicholas
Geometrid moth outbreaks and their climatic relations in northern Sweden  
Amanda B. Young, David M. Cairns, Charles W. Lafon, and Jon Moen
Assessment of surface pressure between Zhongshan and Dome A in East Antarctica from different meteorological reanalyses  
Aihong Xie, Ian Allison, Cunde Xiao, Shimeng Wang, Jiawen Ren, and Dahe Qin
Tall deciduous shrubs offset delayed start of growing season through rapid leaf development in the Alaskan arctic tundra  
Shannan K. Sweet, Laura Gough, Kevin L. Griffin, and Natalie T. Boelman
Svalbard Life by Paul Wassmann and Rudi Caeyers [open access]   reviewed work
Ann Marie Odasz
The Peace-Athabasca Delta: Portrait of a Dynamic Ecosystem by Kevin Timony [open access]   reviewed work
John W. Day
The Ice Age. A Very Short Introduction by Jamie Woodward [open access]   reviewed work
John T. Andrews
Polar and Alpine Meetings Calendar [open access]