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Vol. 47, No. 2, 2015

Special Issue:

Special Issue on Changing Cryosphere under a Warming Climate

Introduction—Changing cryosphere under a warming climate  
Tingjun Zhang and Ninglian Wang
Active layer stratigraphy and organic layer thickness at a thermokarst site in Arctic Alaska identified using ground penetrating radar  
Alessio Gusmeroli, Lin Liu, Kevin Schaefer, Tingjun Zhang, Timothy Schaefer, and Guido Grosse
Carbon and nitrogen properties of permafrost over the Eboling Mountain in the upper reach of Heihe River basin, northwestern China  
Cuicui Mu, Tingjun Zhang, Qingbai Wu, Bin Cao, Xiankai Zhang, Xiaoqing Peng, Xudong Wan, Lei Zheng, Qingfeng Wang, and Guodong Cheng
Mapping surface soil freeze-thaw cycles in China based on SMMR and SSM/I brightness temperatures from 1978 to 2008  
Rui Jin, Tingjun Zhang, Xin Li, Xingguo Yang, and Youhua Ran
Changes of soil thermal regimes in the Heihe River Basin over Western China  
Qingfeng Wang, Tingjun Zhang, Xiaoqing Peng, Bin Cao, and Qingbai Wu
The climate characteristics of the first date of ≤0 °C temperature in East China  
Yinge Liu, Zhongming Guo, Qi Zhou, Xiaobo Wu, and Jianqiao He
Remote sensing of the mean annual surface temperature and surface frost number for mapping permafrost in China  
Youhua Ran, Xin Li, Rui Jin, and Jianwen Guo
Thermal impacts of boreal forest vegetation on active layer and permafrost soils in northern Da Xing’anling (Hinggan) Mountains, Northeast China  
Xiaoli Chang, Huijun Jin, Yanlin Zhang, Ruixia He, Dongliang Luo, Yongping Wang, Lanzhi Lü, and Qiuliang Zhang
Variations in albedo on Dongkemadi Glacier in Tanggula Range on the Tibetan Plateau during 2002–2012 and its linkage with mass balance  
Xuejiao Wu, Ninglian Wang, Anxin Lu, Jianchen Pu, Zhongming Guo, and Huawei Zhang
Variations in firn line altitude and firn zone area on Qiyi Glacier, Qilian Mountains, over the period of 1990 to 2011  
Zhongming Guo, Ninglian Wang, Hongbo Wu, Yuwei Wu, Xuejiao Wu, and Quanlian Li
Changes in glacier volume in the north bank of the Bangong Co Basin from 1968 to 2007 based on historical topographic maps, SRTM, and ASTER stereo images  
Wei Junfeng, Liu Shiyin, Guo Wanqin, Xu Junli, Bao Weijia, and Shangguan Donghui
Estimation and analysis of snow water equivalents based on C-band SAR data and field measurements  
Shaobo Sun, Tao Che, Jian Wang, Hongyi Li, Xiaohua Hao, Zengyan Wang, and Jie Wang
Electrical conductivity during the ablation process of the Glacier No. 1 at the headwaters of the Urumqi River in the Tianshan Mountains  
Tianding Han, Xiangying Li, Mingjie Gao, Mika Sillanpää, Hongzheng Pu, and Chengyang Lu
Glacier changes in the Lancang River Basin, China, between 1968–1975 and 2005–2010  
Liu Qiao, Liu Shiyin, Guo Wanqin, Nie Yong, Shangguan Donghui, Xu Junli, and Yao Xiaojun
Shrub encroachment affects the diversity of plants, butterflies, and grasshoppers on two Swiss subalpine pastures  
Bärbel Koch, Peter J. Edwards, Wolf U. Blanckenhorn, Thomas Walter, and Gabriela Hofer
Different responses of soil respiration and its components to experimental warming with contrasting soil water content  
Peng Fei, Xu Manhou, You Quangang, Zhou Xuhui, Wang Tao, and Xue Xian
Diatoms at >5000 meters in the Quelccaya Summit Dome Glacier, Peru  
Sherilyn C. Fritz, Bruce E. Brinson, W. E. Billups, and Lonnie G. Thompson
Does the coralline alga Leptophytum fœcundum (Kjellman) capture paleoenvironmental variability in the Arctic Ocean?  
Laurie Bougeois, Branwen Williams, Jochen Halfar, Brenda Konar, Walter Adey, Andreas Kronz, and Ulrich G. Wortmann
Atmospheric deposition and interactions with Pinus pumila Regal canopy on Mount Tateyama in the Northern Japanese Alps  
Yoshitoshi Uehara, Atsushi Kume, Masaaki Chiwa, Hideharu Honoki, Jing Zhang, and Koichi Watanabe
North by Degree: New Perspectives on Arctic Exploration edited by Susan A. Kaplan and Robert McCracken Peck [open access]   reviewed work
Irina Overeem
Antarctic Lakes by Johanna Laybourn-Parry and Jemma L. Wadham [open access]   reviewed work
Sarah A. Spaulding
Erratum—Tundra-Taiga Biology: Human, Plant, and Animal Survival in the Arctic by R. M. M. Crawford [open access}   reviewed work
Polar and Alpine meetings Calendar [open access]