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Vol. 48, No. 2, 2016

Quantifying muskox plant biomass removal and spatial relocation of nitrogen in a high arctic tundra ecosystem [open access]  
Jesper B. Mosbacher, Ditte K. Kristensen, Anders Michelsen, Mikkel Stelvig, and Niels M. Schmidt
Recent evolution in extent, thickness, and velocity of Haxilegen Glacier No. 51, Kuytun River Basin, eastern Tianshan Mountains  
Puyu Wang, Zhongqin Li, Huilin Li, Wenbin Wang, Lihua Wu, Hui Zhang, Baojuan Huai, Lin Wang
Tree ring–dated glacial history for the first millennium C.E., Casement Glacier and Adams Inlet, Glacier Bay, Alaska, U.S.A.  
Jennifer M. Horton, Gregory C. Wiles, Daniel E. Lawson, Sarah N. Appleton, Joseph Wilch, and Nicholas Wiesenberg
Calving behavior at Rink Isbræ, West Greenland, from time-lapse photos  
Dorota Medrzycka, Douglas I. Benn, Jason E. Box, Luke Copland, and James Balog
Regeneration niche of whitebark pine in the Canadian Rocky Mountains: the basis to restoring an endangered species [open access]  
Matthew S. Gelderman, S. Ellen Macdonald, and A. Joyce Gould
Paleoenvironmental reconstruction and timeline of a Dorset-Thule settlement at Quaqtaq (Nunavik, Canada) [open access]  
Najat Bhiry, Dominique Marguerie, and Susan Lofthouse
Chemical differentiation between immersed and dry wood samples in Nunavik (northern Quebec, Canada): preliminary results  
Stéphanie Steelandt, Anne-Catherine Pierson-Wickmann, Najat Bhiry, Dominique Marguerie, and Martine Bouhnik-Le Coz
Thermal components of American pika habitat—How does a small lagomorph encounter climate? [open access]  
Constance I. Millar, Robert D. Westfall, and Diane L. Delany
Relative paleoenvironmental adjustments following deglaciation of the Byers Peninsula (Livingston Island, Antarctica)  
Jesús Ruiz-Fernández and Marc Oliva
Impacts of climate warming on alpine lake biota over the last decade [open access]  
K. Weckström, J. Weckström, K. Huber, C. Kamenik, R. Schmidt, W. Salvenmoser, M. Rieradevall, T. Weisse, R. Psenner, and R. Kurmayer
Can a simple numerical model help to fine-tune the analysis of ground-penetrating radar data? Hochebenkar rock glacier as a case study  
Lea Hartl, Andrea Fischer, Christoph Klug, and Lindsey Nicholson
Some characteristics of permafrost and its distribution in the Gaize area on the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau, China [open access]  
Ji Chen, Lin Zhao, Yu Sheng, Jing Li, Xiao-dong Wu, Er-ji Du, Guang-yue Liu, and Qiang-qiang Pang
Marginal fluctuations of a Svalbard surge-type tidewater glacier, Blomstrandbreen, since the Little Ice Age: a record of three surges  
David J. Burton, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Kelly A. Hogan, and Riko Noormets
The importance of conifers for facilitation at treeline: comparing biophysical characteristics of leeward microsites in whitebark pine communities [open access]  
Jill C. Pyatt, Diana F. Tomback, Sarah C. Blakeslee, Michael B. Wunder, Lynn M. Resler, Liana A. Boggs, and Holly D. Bevency
Polar and Alpine Meetings Calendar [open access]