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Vol. 48, No. 3, 2016

Summer activity patterns of Antarctic and high alpine lichen-dominated biological soil crusts—Similar but different? [open access]  
Claudia Colesie, T. G. Allan Green, Jose Raggio, and Burkhard Büdel
Summer temperature drives radial growth of alpine shrub willows on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau  
Xiaoming Lu, Ru Huang, Yafeng Wang, Shalik Ram Sigdel, Binod Dawadi, Eryuan Liang, and J. Julio Camarero
Plant communities of Fennoscandian subarctic mountain ecosystems 60 years after human disturbance [open access]  
Anna-Liisa Ylisirniö and Anna Allén
Effects of cushion plants on high-altitude soil microarthropod communities: cushions increase abundance and diversity of mites (Acari), but not springtails (Collembola)  
M. A. Minor, A. B. Babenko, S. G. Ermilov, A. A. Khaustov, and O. L. Makarova
Soil temperature and soil moisture patterns in a Himalayan alpine treeline ecotone [open access]  
Michael Müller, Niels Schwab, Udo Schickhoff, Jürgen Böhner, and Thomas Scholten
Density and climate influence seasonal population dynamics in an Arctic ungulate  
Lars O. Mortensen, Charlotte Moshøj, and Mads C. Forchhammer
Arctic resilience: no evidence of vegetation change in response to grazing and climate changes in South Greenland [open access]  
Christian Damgaard, Katrine Raundrup, Peter Aastrup, Peter L. Langen, Jon Feilberg, and Jacob Nabe-Nielsen
A melting glacier feeds aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates with ancient carbon and supports early succession [open access]  
Sigmund Hågvar, Mikael Ohlson, and John E. Brittain
Lake water isotope variation linked with the in-lake water cycle of the alpine Bangong Co, arid western Tibetan Plateau [open access]  
Rong Wen, Lide Tian, Fengjing Liu, and Dongmei Qu
Recent vegetation change (1980–2013) in the tundra ecosystems of the Tuktoyaktuk Coastlands, NWT, Canada [open access]  
Nina D. Moffat, Trevor C. Lantz, Robert H. Fraser, and Ian Olthof
Polar and Alpine Events Calendar [open access]