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Vol. 9, No. 2, 1977

Validation of a Model of the Effect of Tundra Vegetation on Soil Temperatures  
Edward Ng, Philip C. Miller
Belowground Tundra Research: A Commentary   special section
P. J. Webber
Distribution Patterns of Belowground Standing Crop in Arctic Tundra at Barrow, Alaska   special section
John G. Dennis
Root Growth, Respiration, and Carbon Dioxide Evolution in an Arctic Tundra Soil   special section
W. D. Billings, K. M. Peterson, G. R. Shaver, A. W. Trent
Temperature Compensation in Phosphate Absorption Occurring over Diverse Time Scales   special section
F. Stuart Chapin III
The Distribution of Fungal Hyphae in Arctic Soil on the International Biological Programme Tundra Biome Site, Barrow, Alaska   special section
Gary A. Laursen, Orson K. Miller, Jr.
The Magnitude and Distribution of Belowground Plant Structures in the Alpine Tundra of Niwot Ridge, Colorado   special section
P. J. Webber, Diane Ebert May
Measurements of the Temperature, Wind, and Moisture Distribution across the Northern Coast of Alaska   special section
John E. Walsh
Evolution of Glaciated Topography of Upper Skagit Drainage Basin, Washington   special section
Richard B. Waitt, Jr.
Environmental Change and Cultural Change in the Eastern Canadian Arctic during the Last 5000 Years   special section
R. G. Barry, Wendy H. Arundale, J. T. Andrews, Raymond S. Bradley, Harvey Nichols
Pollination of Thlaspi alpestre by Selfing and by Insects in the Alpine Zone of Colorado   special section
Bruce Petersen