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Vol. 9, No. 4, 1977

Carbonic Acid Leaching in a Tropical, Temperate, Subalpine, and Northern Forest Soil  
D. W. Johnson, D. W. Cole, S. P. Gessel, M. J. Singer, R. V. Minden
Postglacial History of Lost Trail Pass Bog, Bitterroot Mountains, Montana  
Peter J. Mehringer, Jr., Stephen F. Arno, Kenneth L. Petersen
Population Dynamics in Two Subpopulations of Reindeer in Svalbard  
Eigil Reimers
Soil Differences within Spruce-Fir Forested and Century-Old Burned Areas of Libby Flats, Medicine Bow Range, Wyoming  
Richard G. Reider, Peter J. Uhl
Recent Tree Invasion of Subalpine Meadows in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming  
Peter W. Dunwiddie
Comparative Aspects of Growth and Reproductive Biology in Arctic and Alpine Populations of Saxifraga cernua L.  
Richard R. Wehrmeister, Erik K. Bonde
The Influence of Light Intensity and Temperature on the Field Carbon Dioxide Exchange of Dicranum fuscescens in the Subarctic  
Peter R. Hicklenton, Walter C. Oechel
Deglaciation and Marine Paleoclimates, Schuchert Dal, Scoresby Sund, East Greenland  
F. Alayne Street
On a Possible Sea-Breeze Circulation near Barrow, Alaska   correspondence
Richard E. Moritz
Geomorphology and Engineering. By Donald R. Coates   reviewed work
Ernest E. Wahlstrom