ANSCIA Barrow GCP Database v1

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GCP_ID: C066
Feature Type: other
Description: Southernmost pylon on guardrail in Barrow at end of Egasak Street.

Latitude (DD):    71.29061965
Longitude (DD): -156.79597148
UTM Northing (z4, m): 7,911,247.43
UTM Easting (z4, m):    578,891.23
Elevation (m):  7.69 (on guard rail)
Horiz. Precision (m):    0.02
Vert. Precision (m):    0.04
Acquisition Date: 8/21/2001
Measured by: O'Neel
Air Photos: 2000 4-4, 4-5
Point Resolution: 2-10 cm
Comments: antenna placed on top of wooden support beam.

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