Current ARL Research Areas:

  • Atmospheric Trace Gas Fluxes
  • Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions
  • Snow-Atmosphere Gas Exchange
  • Tropospheric Ozone Formation and Transport
  • Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere
  • Anthropogenic Emissions of Gases into the Atmosphere
  • Development of Analytical Instrumentation for Air Analysis
  • Vertical Profiling of the Lower Atmosphere


Current & Upcoming Events

  • Upcoming: HA to attend the ICACGP-IGAC Early Career Program, Shodoshima, Japan, Sept. 22-24
  • Upcoing: HA and DH to attend and present at International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Meeting, Takamatsu, Japan, Sept. 25-29
  • Upcoming: DH to attend WMO-GAW Expert Meeting for Reactive Gases, Osaka, Japan, Oct. 1-4
  • Upcoming: DH to lecture on VOC monitoring methods in the atmosphere in WMO-GAW GAWTEC training course at Schneefernferhaus-Zugspitze, Germany, Oct. 15-16
  • Upcoming: DH to participate in East Antarctica International Ice Sheet Traverse (EAIIST) planning meeting. Grenoble, France, Oct. 22-23
  • Upcoming: DH to present findings of Boulder Reservoir Air Quality Study to the public and Boulder County Commissioners, Boulder, Oct. 30
  • Upcoming: DH to lecture on VOC monitoring methods in the atmosphere. School of Atmospheric Measurements in Latin America and the Carribbean: Atmospheric Particles and Reactive Gases (SAMLAC), San Juan, Puerto Rico, Nov. 12-17
  • Upcoming: SR to attend and present at AGU Fall Meeting, Washington D.C., Dec 10-14
  • Ongoing: Ozone and Reactive Gases Field campaign at Toolik Lake, AK
  • Ongoing: Live posting of methane, nitrogen oxides and VOC measurements at the Boulder Reservoir, Boulder, CO
  • Ongoing: Global NMHC Measurements in NOAA GMD Corporate Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Network: Global VOC Website
  • Ongoing: Continuous Automated Methane and NMHC Monitoring at Summit, Greenland