Current Research Projects:

  • Boulder Reservoir - Measurement and live-posting of of NO, NOx, CH4, and VOCs at the Boulder Reservoir, Boulder, CO
  • PROPHET 2016 - Measurements of O3, NO, Nox, BVOCs at University of Michigan Biological Station (June-August 2016)
  • Development of Ship-Borne Eddy Correlation Ozone Flux Measurements (Abstract)  See the website
  • A Synthesis of Existing and New Observations of Air-Snowpack Exchanges to Assess the Arctic Troposspheric Ozone Budget
  • Investigation of Ozone Photochemistry in Lower Free Troposphere Continental Outflow Traveling over the North Atlantic at Pico Mountain, Azores.
  • Global NMHC Distribution from the NOAA Cooperative Air Sampling Network
  • Ozone Reactivity of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound Emissions
  • Monitoring of Halogenated Atmospheric Trace Gasses on Zugspitze Mountain, Germany
  • Emissions from Oil and Gas Development and their Impact on Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality
  • In-situ Monitoring of Methane and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons at Summit Station, Greenland
  • Trace Gas Fluxes through the Winter Snowpack at Niwot Ridge, Colorado
flux tower at Summitfast ozone instrument on the ship

Recent Poster Presentations:

Seasonal and Geographic Methane - Ethane Relationship in the NOAA Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network, 2017. Ryan Schafer et al.

Timing of Ethane and Propane Seasonal Maxima and Minima and the Influence of Halogens, 2017. Sam Rossabi et al.

Monitoring of Atmospheric Acetylene from the NOAA Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network, 2017. Jacques Hueber et al.

Atmosphereic Isoprene in the NOAA/INSTAAR Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network, 2017. Brendan Blanchard et al.

Near real-time automated monitoring, processing, and public web postiung of methane, NOx, and oil and gas VOC at the Boulder Reservoir, 2017. Brendan Blanchard et al.

Reversal of Long-Term Trends in Ethane Identified from the Global Atmosphere Watch Reactive Gases Measurement Network, 2016. Detlev Helmig et al.

Comparison of Methane (CH4) Monitoring Methods at GEOSUmmit, 2016. Dominique Colegrove et al.

Halogenated Trace Gases and Volatile Organic Compounds at the Global Atmosphere Watch Global Observatory Schneefernerhaus/Zugspitze, Germany, 2016. Wei Wang et al.

Spatial and temporal patterns of ozone in the high elevation ecosystems of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, 2015. Daniel Liptzin, and Detlev Helmig.

Influence of Emissions from Oil and Gas Development on Elevated Ozone in the Northern Colorado Front Range, 2014. Jason Evans, Detlev Helmig, and Chelsea Thompson.

Evaluation and Application of a Solid Adsorbent Method for Monitoring Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds from Oil and Gas Operations, 2014. K. R. Smith, D. Helmig, A. Lewis, C. R. Thompson, J. M. Evans, W. Wang, and J. Hueber.

Influence of Oil and Gas Emissions on Ambient Atmospheric Volatile Organic Compounds in Residential Areas of Northeastern Colorado, 2014. C. R. Thompson, J. M. Evans, K. R. Smith, W. Wang, J. Hueber, and D. Helmig.


Measurement of Aerosols and Trace Gases in the Free Troposphere at the Pico Mountain Observatory in the Azores 2013.  L. Kramer, C. Mazzoleni, L. Mazzoleni, P. Fialho, D. Helmig, S. Olsen, R. Owen, M. Dziobak, J. Hueber, K. Dzepina, S. Kumar, and S. China.

Interpretation of Plume Aging in a Transport Event in 2009 Application of folded GEOS-Chemand FLEXPART technique 2013.  B. Zhang, R.C. Owen, J.A. Perlinger, A. Kumar, S. Wu, M. Val Martin, L. Kramer, D. Helmig, and R.E. Honrath.


Climatology and Atmospheric Chemistry of Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Emissions over the North Atlantic 2013. D. Helmig, J. Hueber, M. Munoz, C. Mazzoleni, L. Mazzoleni, R. Owen, M. Val-Martin, and P. Fialho.

Boundary layer depth estimation and characterization at GEOSummit Station using a sodar and micrometeorological data, 2012: B.A. Van Dam, W. Neff, D Helmig.

What is driving spring and summertime surface O3 behavior at Toolik Lake, AK?, 2012: B.A. Van Dam, D. Helmig, S. Oltmans.

Boundary layer and near surface turbulence characterization at GEOSummit Station, Greenland using a sodar and turbulence data during June 2010, 2011: B.A. Van Dam, W. Neff, D Helmig, C. Toro.

Investigation of air-snow exhanges of mercury: proof of concept for automated gradient sampling of interstitial air at the Summit FLUX facility, 2010: X. Fain,  D. Helmig, B.A. Van Dam, J. Hueber, D. Obrist.  

Evaluation of snowpack ozone and NOx exchange at Summit, Greenland in a single-column chemistry-climate model, 2010: B. Seok, L. Ganzeveld,  D. Helmig, R. Honrath, B.A. Van Dam, J. Hueber, C. Toro, L. Kramer.  

Diurnal and seasonal variations of nitrogen oxides within snowpack air and the overlying atmosphere at Summit, Greenland, 2010: C. Toro, R.E. Honrath, L.J. Kramer, D. Helmig, B.A. Van Dam, B. Seok, L. Ganzeveld, P.V. Doskey. 

Trees and VOCs:Measuring volatile organic compounds from urban forests, 2010: R Daly, D Helmig.

Measurements of near surface ozone at Summit, Greenland, using an automated moving inlet system, 2009: B.A. VanDam, D. Helmig, R.E. Honrath, J. Hueber, B. Seok, L. Kramer, C. Toro, L. Ganzeveld

Boundary Layer Ozone Dynamics during the Spring 2009 OASIS Experiment in Barrow, AK, 2009: P. Boylan, D. Helmig, J. Booth, F.M. Flocke, B.J. Johnson, D.J. Knapp, D.D. Montzka, S.J. Oltmans, A.J. Weinheimer, W. Zheng

Interannual and seasonal variability of biomass-burning and anthropogenic emmissions at Summit, Greenland, 2009: L.J. Kramer, R.E. Honrath, D. Helmig, J. Hueber, S. Oltmans, R. Schnell, J Burkhart, A. Stohl

Seasonal Variations of Nitrogen Oxides in snowpack air at Summit, Greenland, 2009: C. Toro, R.E. Honrath, L.J. Kramer, D. Helmig, B.A. VanDam, B. Seok, J. Hueber, L. Ganzeveld, P.V. Doskey

Ozone fluxes over the ocean: First ship-borne flux measurements and data interpretations from tropical to polar oceans, 2008: D. Helmig, L. Bariteau, L. Ganzeveld, C. Fairall, J. Hare, J. Hueber, E.K. Lang, D. Wolfe

Oxidized Carbon and Nitrogen Exchanges Through the Seasonal Snowpack at the University of Michigan Biological Station and their Contribution to the Annual Ecosystem Gas Exchange Budget, 2008: B. Seok, D. Helmig., M. Williams, C. Vogel, P. Curtis

Carbon Dioxide Gas Exchange Through the Snowpack and its Contribution to the Ecosystem Carbon Budget in a High-Elevation Subalpine Forest, 2007: B. Seok, D. Liptzin, K. Chowanski, J. Hueber, M. Williams, D. Helmig.

Study of Diurnal and Seasonal Variations of Sesquiterpene and Monoterpene Emissions from Vegetation, 2007: R. Daly, D. Helmig, D. Tanner, A. Guenther.

Understanding Air Toxics at the Urban/Mountain Interface in Boulder County, Colorado, 2007: A. Eisele, M. Hanningan, D. Helmig, J. Milford, P. Milmoe, D. Tanner.

Ship-borne Ozone Flux Measurements during TexAQS 2006, 2007: L. Bariteau, D. Helmig, C. W. Fairall, J. Hueber, D. Wolfe, L. Ganzveld.

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Introduction of a newly developped GC system for VOC analysis in the CMDL network flasks, 2005: J. Pollmann, J. Levieveld, P. Tans and D. Helmig

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