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Act on Climate

What can we do?

Act on Climate, part of the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community website, was developed to help answer the question we often get asked at public talks: “What’s the most important thing we should do about climate change?”

Most Americans are concerned about climate change (Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, 2018 data), but acting on that concern can be an uphill struggle. Act on Climate makes it easy to step through the most effective personal actions you can take on climate.

Act on Climate answers the questions most frequently asked by those who wish to act. What are the most important actions to take? What’s doable? What’s next? And how can I find out without reading through multiple lengthy sources?

Simple or in-depth: You choose

Act on Climate uses a layered approach that condenses actions into simple priorities. Explore actions that interest you the most. Want to dig deeper? Each action links to recent research and detailed resources on the topic. Developed with the help of social scientists, the site focuses the message in a way that is easy to relate to.


The site was developed with the help of climate scientists. The discussion of actions is factual and dependable, with links to recent supporting research. Short, plain-language summaries of the science and expected effects of climate change link to more in-depth reading. “My story” sections give examples of how our scientists practice what we preach.


The site includes important actions to advance justice and resilience, topics often left out of online climate resources.

We are proud that several INSTAAR researchers contributed scientific insight and their personal stories to Act on Climate. Please join us in trying an action today. Visit