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Antarctic Freshwater Diatoms database

Psammothidium chlidanos (Hohn and Hellerman) a diatom species widespread in Antarctica.

Browse more than 500 pages of images and information about inland diatoms from the Antarctic continent and Subantarctic Islands.

Diatoms are single-celled algae found in nearly every aquatic habitat. Their silica walls don't decay easily and collect in the environments where they live. Scientists use them as an environmental proxy--a preserved physical remnant from the past that helps them reconstruct the environmental conditions present at the time the organisms lived.

In Antarctica, a number of species are endemic to East Antarctica. Lakes of East and West Antarctica share few species in common.

In this database, as well as thousands of images of diatoms under the microscope, you will find maps, a glossary, and links to more diatom info.

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