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#GirlsWithToys at INSTAAR

Kate Clancy (@KateClancy) started a Twitter phenomenon with the hashtag #GirlsWithToys, celebrating women doing science. (Read her story on Slate.) We wanted to get in on the fun, so here are a few picture tweets of our researchers doing their awesome thing that we sent out on May 22, 2015.

Irina Overeem ( uses a dogsled to get to a river gauging station in #Greenland #GirlsWithToysJen Morse replaces the TundraCam on the instrument tower on Niwot Ridge. #GirlsWithToysV. Morris runs system she helped develop to pull super-hi-res climate records out of ice cores, yeah! #GirlsWithToysGrad student Sarah Crump saws a rock sample off a boulder on #Baffin Island #GirlsWithToysL. Meromy of wires snow depth sensors to datalogger on Niwot Ridge #GirlsWithToysSed Lab ( Manager Wendy Roth fires up the olChelsea Thompson studies ozone emissions from fracking over Uintah Basin - #GirlsWithToysHolly Barnard & open-source datalogger she invented to measure sunlight #GirlsWithToys, Alexandra, & Steve repair a gauge station in #Antarctica, like you do: #GirlsWithToys.@pikaresearch shows videographer Ryan Vachon around her pika research site #GirlsWithToysTania Schoennagel totes all the gear to study wildfire in the Rockies #GirlsWithToysHow do we know what is in the atmosphere? Rachel Edie & "Spock" the mass spec ( #GirlsWithToys

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