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Grad student retreat 2013

INSTAAR graduate students met at the Fowler-Hilliard Hut (10th Mountain Division hut) in September, 2013 for a weekend of climbing, biking, hiking, and talking. All photos by Ethan Welty (

Theo Barnhart and Katy Barnhart. Photo by Ethan Welty, 7 September 2013.After a day in the Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area near Resolution Mountain.The end of the day at the 10th Mountain Division hut.Front row: Ethan Welty, Ben Hudson, Jessica Ebert, Hallie Adams, Teal Potter, Jenet Prevey, Ian Bishop. Back row: Alia Khan, Andy Wickert, Garrett Rue, Maggie Burns, Theo Barnhart, Katie Barnhart, Eve Gasarch, Billy Armstrong.