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Mountain Hydrology Group - Tokopah Basin, Sequoia NP, Sierra Nevada, CA 2009

Photos taken during snow surveys in February, March, April and May 2009 in and around Emerald Lake, Tokopah Basin, and Pear Lake inside Sequoia National Park which is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Photos were mostly taken by Keith Musselman with some frames by Annalen Kahl and Michela Adrian. VIEW PHOTOS IN FULL SCREEN MODE (put cursor over photo, full screen icon will appear, click on it.)

Reviewing snow survey techniques. Photo: Keith Musselman. Shown (L to R): Karl Rittger, Scott Roberts, Annelen Kahl and Michela Adrian.Tokopah Basin and lower Pear Lake drainage. Photo: Keith Musselman.Met station with skier Scott Roberts. Photo: Keith Musselman.Textbook snowpit by Annelen Kahl. Photo: Keith Musselman.May 2009 Tokopah survey crew at Pear Hut Ranger Station. Photo: Keith MusselmanSnow survey team approach Emerald Lake. Photo: Keith Musselman.Scott Roberts and Annelen Kahl, May 2009. Photo: Keith Musselman.Tokopah Basin skier. Photo: Michela Adrian.Spring survey above Emerald Lake. Photo: Michela Adrian.Looking toward Emerald Lake cirque. Photo: Annelen Kahl.Recording snow depth and GPS position at Tokopah basin, March 2009. Photo: Keith Musselman. Shown Scott Roberts and Dave Huebner.Survey of the Tablelands, Tokopah Basin. Photo: Keith Musselman. Surveyor: Bart Forman.Bart Forman on his way to the bottom of a 4-m deep pit, March 2009. Photo: Keith Musselman.Bart Forman "samples" new snow density, Feb 2009. Photo: Keith Musselman.Emerald Lake Basin. Photo: Keith Musselman.