Sure, we spend a lot of time in the lab. But we spend just as much in the field, collecting the samples and making the observations and measurements on which we base our analyses. We love the places in which we work, and often in our off hours we spend time with nonprofit groups that work to conserve and repair our Front Range environments. Come join us in restoring ecosystems, repairing trails, and working with kids in the great outdoors.

Almost all of our volunteer opportunities take place within 50 miles of Boulder. Projects vary, but all give something back to our community. A few other things are true for most projects:

  • You will be in the scenic outdoors.
  • You will spend the day with some really cool people.
  • You will get really, really dirty.

Current opportunities

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado gives back to some of the places we enjoy the most, offering day-long adventures constructing and restoring trails, pulling invasive weeds from open space, and harvesting community gardens.

Community Fruit Rescue organizes neighborhood harvests, where friends and families gather produce from public and private trees, providing fruit for all participants with plenty to share with food banks, shelters, and soup kitchens.