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The purple circles at left depict the 63 GCP's near Barrow.


This series of web pages presents site information for 63 Ground Control Points (GCP's) measured near Barrow, Alaska, during the summer of 2001 using Differential GPS. The GCP's were measured on the corners of buildings, ends of snowfences, base of telephone poles, and other features visible on small- to large-scale imagery. They are concentrated generally within 2 km of the Chukchi coast (coinciding with extent of the year 2000 air photos). The GCP's will help researchers and other scientists working in the area to establish precise geographic or UTM coordinates for field sites, and to assist with georectification of aerial photography and satellite imagery.

The GCP's were measured as part of an ongoing research project, Alaska North Slope Climate Impact Assessment (ANSCIA), which is funded by the National Science Foundation's program on Human Dimensions of the Arctic System. This database is being made publicly available as part of our objectives for data sharing and outreach to both the scientific community and the public at large.


Follow the links below to view information for each GCP, including:

  •  a photograph of each site from the ground
  •  vertical close-up and overview images, cropped and edited from areal photography (North is upper left)
  •  latitude, longitude, UTM coordinates, elevation, horizontal precision, vertical precision, and other parameters

Please see the metadata page for details about projection, datum, collection procedures, processing steps, precision, contact and citation information, etc. The metadata should be reviewed carefully before using any of the information provided here. Note that the datum for the latitude/longitude and UTM (zone 4) coordinates is WGS84.

ANSCIA Barrow GCP Database v1

C000   C001   C002   C003   C005   C006   C007   C008   C009   C010   C011   C012   C013   C014   C015   C016   C017   C018   C019   C020   C021   C022   C023   C024   C025   C026   C027   C028   C029   C030   C031   C032   C034   C035   C036   C037   C038   C039   C040   C041   C042   C043   C044   C045   C046   C047   C048   C049   C050   C051   C052   C053   C054   C055   C058   C059   C060   C061   C062   C063   C064   C065   C066

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This database was made possible by support from NSF's Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Program. We also thank the Arctic Research Support and Logistics Program, which enabled participation of GPS technical experts from the UNAVCO Facility. Presentation of the close-up and overview images, derived from proprietary aerial photography, was made possible through a licence agreement with AeroMap, U.S.

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