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How do I submit an abstract?

Upon registering you will be emailed a web page location for submitting your abstract. For general information on abstract length and format see our Submit Abstract Page.

Was my abstract accepted?

Probably yes. Your abstract is automatically placed into our system as soon as you submit it. If your abstract is considered inappropriate for the Workshop, we will contact you within a few days of submittal.

Can I change part of my abstract?

Yes, but only up until the deadline. Just visit the same web page address (URL) emailed to you upon registration, re-login, and make your changes.

Can I submit more than one abstract?

Probably not. Space is limited. Submitting more than one abstract must be pre-approved, email your request to

+ Talk AND Poster?

Can I do both a talk and poster?

Probably not. Space is limited. You must be pre-approved, email your request to Do not submit more than one abstract without pre-approval.



Student FAQ

Is a roommate required?

Yes. If you want free lodging, you must have a roommate. If you need help finding one, please register, submit your abstract, and then email We will try and match you up with someone to share a room with. Let us know your preferences (non-smoking vs. smoking, male vs. female, etc.).

Is there any assistance for travel expenses?


Can I stay at a different hotel than the Winter Park Hotel?

No. That is the only option for free student lodging.

What forms do I need to fill out?



Can my poster be bigger than 1 meter wide by 1.5 meter tall?

No. Due to limited wall space, we are limiting poster sizes to be 1 meter wide X 1.5 meter tall. If possible, keep your poster at 1 meter by 1 meter.

Can I put up two posters?

Probably not. Space is limited. An extra poster must be pre-approved, email your request to


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