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Andrews Denmark Strait---the contact area between the Greenland and Iceland ice sheets during MIS3 and MIS2---sediment sources and abrupt events talk
Bhattacharya Helium isotope based record of continental accumulation rates and provenance provides evidence of reorganization of North Atlantic circulation patterns over the last 6 Ma poster
Briner The deep accumulation of 10Be in distal ice sheet landscapes: A case study at Utsira, southwestern Norway talk
Brown A High-Resolution Labrador Sea Surface and Subsurface Water Foraminiferal delta-O-18 Record and its Relation to Heinrich Events poster
Crump Envisioning a warmer Arctic: Exploring the use of ancient DNA preserved in interglacial lake sediments on Baffin Island talk
Finger Culler Increases in Growing Season Length and Changes in Precipitation in Six Different Arctic and Subarctic Ecosystems poster
Dipre A multi-proxy record of early Pleistocene sea-ice and circulation conditions in the western Arctic Ocean. poster
Drake Wind ventilation of homogenous seasonal snow layers poster
Ebert Lake density as a measure of glacial erosional impact on lowland bedrock terrain (or not) talk
Florian A 12 ka record of aquatic productivity and landscape stability from Torfdalsvatn, North Iceland talk
Gemery Holocene Foraminifera and Ostracoda from the Herald Canyon, Chukchi Sea, SWERUS-C3 Expedition 2014 poster
Gunnarson Stepwise Neoglacial landscape destabilization in the Central Highlands, West Iceland talk
Hamilton 400 Predictions: The SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook 2008–2015 talk
Harning A 3 ka multi-proxy glacial and environmental record from Drangajökull, Vestfirðir, Iceland: Terrestrial and marine coevolution talk
Heindel Soil Response to Aeolian Disturbance in West Greenland poster
Jennings Was there a Baffin Bay Ice Shelf in the interval of LGM and HS1? talk
Kilmer Unprecedented Retreat of the Columbia Glacier in the Last Millennium poster
King The influence of spring and early summer cloud radiative forcing on inter-annual Arctic sea ice variability poster
Lasher Oxygen Isotopes of Preserved Aquatic Organic Material Record Past Lake Water and Climate Change in NW Greenland poster
Lee Effects of sea ice on the habitat preference of Antarctic minke whales (Balaenoptera bonaerensis) along the West Antarctic Peninsula poster
Lesnek It takes two: Using 10Be and radiocarbon dating to decipher the glacial history of southeastern Alaska during the Last Glacial Maximum talk
Mark Mid-Holocene Marine Paleoclimate From Rolvsoya And Ingoya: Northern Finnmark, Norway poster
McCabe High resolution XRF sediment mineralogical analysis of late season precipitation events in a high arctic glaciated watershed. poster
Mette Using shell-based proxy records from northern Norway to evaluate high latitude impacts of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation talk
Miles Multi-proxy Evidence for Enhanced Discharge of Arctic Sea Ice at the Abrupt Onset of the Little Ice Age talk
Miles Satellite Record of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Reveals Contrasting Trends in Northern West Siberia poster
Miller How unusual is the Barnes Ice Cap's likely disappearance in the near future talk
Ogilvie Arctic Climate Predictions: Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable Societies (ARCPATH) talk
Oliver Retreat of the Smith Sound Ice Stream in the Early Holocene poster
Osterberg North Pacific Temperature, Precipitation, Atmospheric Circulation and Pollution over the Common Era from the Denali Ice Core talk
Pendleton Latest Holocene glacier activity on Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island talk
Retelle Holocene shorelines and Relative Sea level History on Ingøya northern Finnmark, Norway poster
Savage A late-Holocene paleoclimate reconstruction using the bivalve Arctica islandica from Northern Norway poster
Schreiber Response of local sea ice extent to passage of three extreme cyclones in the Arctic poster
Sheffield Sharing Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Partnership with Arctic Communities poster
Sinclair Diachronous Retreat of the Greenland Ice Sheet: insights from a new 10Be cosmogenic exposure database talk
Thayer Current state of Renland (East Greenland) ice core analysis talk
Thomas Decadally-resolved early Holocene temperature and precipitation reconstructions from western Greenland talk
Tooth Tracking Ice Parcels and Co-Located Data Products in the Arctic Using the Sea Ice Motion and Age Data Products at the University of Colorado at Boulder With Applications to Studying Changes in the Arctic Ice Pack talk
Tulenko Holocene deglaciation in two fiords on northern Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada poster
Young In situ 10Be measurements in bedrock constrain erosion beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet talk

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