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Anderson The lifespan of Icelandic Ice Caps: Holocene inception to future wasting talk
Andrews A 230 ka record of ocean & ice sheet interactions on Snorri Drift, Denmark Strait. talk
Baichtal LiDAR Digital Elevation Models Reveal Till Ridges or Moraines Associated with the Retreat of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet near Hoonah, Alaska poster
Bendixen The deltas of Greenland are growing – exporting this sediment could benefit the world and Greenland poster
Benson 16,000 Years of Paleoenvironmental Change from the Lake Peters-Schrader area, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska talk
Bergstrom Disturbance effects on linkages between glacial melt and streamflow in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica talk
Bondi A Quantitative Analysis of Cirques on Flateyjarskagi, North Iceland poster
Brouard Glacial to postglacial landform assemblages in fjords of northeastern Baffin Island talk
Cluett Holocene hydroclimate at the western Greenland Ice Sheet margin inferred from paired GDGT and leaf wax biomarker analyses poster
Corcoran Multi-proxy reconstruction of hydroclimate on Baffin Island during the early Holocene poster
Couette Late Quaternary patterns of retreat of the Laurentide Ice Sheet margin in Clyde Inlet, eastern Baffin Island (Arctic Canada) poster
Crump The paleoecological potential of ancient DNA in lake sediment: Preliminary results from Baffin Island talk
de Wet Holocene glacier activity reconstructed from proglacial lake Gjøavatnet on Amsterdamøya, NW Svalbard talk
Ebert Lake Battle – The preparation of compatible lake datasets in GIS to use lake density as a possible proxy for ice sheet erosional impact on the Canadian and Fennoscandian Shields poster
Frederiksen Glacier Rock Flours - Is the Fertilizing Potential Dependent on the Glacier Size, Locations or…? poster
Geirsdóttir When did the current glaciers in Iceland nucleate?: Evidence from proximal lakes. talk
Glueder Apparent post-LGM Ice Advance in Northern Greenland as a feature of Deglacial Mass Loss - Two interpretations of Bivalves Ages from Raised Marine Deposits poster
Graham Were there LGM nunataks in Greenland: Modeling new in situ 14C data suggest not talk
Habicht Reconstructing Arctic temperature, hydroclimate, and vegetation variability from 0-250 ka using stable isotopes and biogeochemical records from Lake El’gygytgyn, NE Russia talk
Harning Subsurface temperature variability of the North Iceland Shelf over the last millennium talk
Heindel New Perspectives on Aeolian Landscape Change in the Kangerlussuaq Region, West Greenland talk
Hendrickson Addressing arctic aufeis as unique and critical ecological habitats talk
Hoffecker Beringian Standstill 2018 talk
Horvath Understanding the Space-Time Variability and Predictability of Arctic Sea Ice Attributes poster
Hreinsson Changing Nature in Iceland – Conceptions and Expressions 800-2018 talk
Jennings Holocene paleoceanographic development in the Petermann Fjord and growth of the Petermann Ice Tongue based on analysis of lithofacies, grain size properties and foraminifers in OD1507 cores talk
Júlíusson Arctic Farming from the Past to Modernity talk
Khan Near-surface refractory black carbon observations in the atmosphere and snow in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica and potential impacts of foehn winds talk
Laiho Detecting changes in the Arctic freshwater budget poster
Lesnek Holocene Greenland Ice Sheet extent for data-model comparison talk
Levy Sensitivity of a local glacier to Holocene climate change, Gletscherlukket, southeastern Greenland poster
Mamet Non-climatic constraints on treeline advance in western Canada talk
McGinn Sediment trap analysis in high-arctic lake Linnévatnet indicates a recent shift in the annual hydrological regime poster
McKenzie Geomorphic evidence for a paleo-ice stream near Bárðardalur, North Iceland poster
Meyer NSF Arctic Data Center: Providing data management tools, support services and more for the arctic research community poster
Miles Miles Arctic and Subarctic Vegetation in Northern West Siberia – Response to Recent Climate Variability poster
Mu Microbial heat accelerates permafrost carbon emissions poster
Stolze Nichols Collection of surface pollen data from the Canadian Arctic (1972–1973) during a multi-decadal cold period poster
Ogilvie The Foundations of Map-Making and Geography in Iceland talk
Siciliano Ota Do desert diapirs make poor soil quality or does poor soil quality lead to diapirs in Arctic deserts: Essential nutrient patches for Salix Arctica may have microbial origins. talk
Pedraza Coarse-grained mineral dust deposition in alpine lake sediments: Implications for regional drought patterns and land-use changes in the southwest USA poster
Miller Pendleton Early Holocene glacier retreat and expansion resolves conflicting evidence for the onset and duration of early Holocene summer warmth in the Eastern Canadian Arctic talk
Pendleton Update: Quantifying Quaternary erosion rates and cryosphere-landscape evolution on Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island using terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides (TCN) talk
Raberg Predicating Arctic Change through Ecosystem MoleculAr Proxies (PACEMAP) poster
Raymond Making A Way Forward: Data Management for the Arctic talk
Raynolds A New Raster Version of the Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map (CAVM) talk
Reilly Past Collapse and Late Holocene Reestablishment of the Petermann Ice Tongue, Northwest Greenland poster
Retelle Establishing a High Arctic Environmental Observatory in the Kapp Linné Region, West Spitsbergen, Svalbard poster
Rickerich The postglacial sea level history of Ingøya, northern Norway poster
Szatkowski Saha Time and Depth Dependent Thermal Conductivity of Permafrost poster
Sayedi The biggest terrestrial tipping point or a potential carbon sink? 124 experts weigh in on the permafrost carbon feedback poster
Schick Weather and surface variability influence on sensible heat flux in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica poster
Sigurdardottir Drivers of change: Sustainability and Environmental Change in the Lake Mývatn District of Iceland AD 1700 to 1950 talk
Sinclair Substantial Variability of South Greenland’s Terrestrial Cryosphere talk
Sommers SHaKTI (Subglacial Hydrology and Kinetic Transient Interactions): a meltwater drainage model with flexible geometry talk
Sultanbaeva Perspective of development of Human Resources in the Arctic Zone talk
Torrens Spatial and temporal analysis of carbon fluxes in glacial meltwater streams, Antarctica talk
Torrens Changing climate patterns threaten West Antarctic Peninsula penguin populations – review talk
Tulenko Equilibrium line altitude reconstructions of glaciers in the Revelation Mountains, Alaska: Key insights into the forcing of Wisconsinan glaciation in Alaska poster
Tweedie In an Arctic tundra ecosystem, 50+ years of herbivore exclusion reduces vascular plant cover and biomass, and shifts peak season land-atmosphere carbon exchange from a sink to a source talk
Walker Hierarchical arctic vegetation mapping, classification, and transects: A framework for examining arctic terrestrial change talk
Walker Perspectives on an Arctic Vegetation Classification talk
Webber The greening valleys of the Lewis Glacier and Isortoq River, North-central Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada talk
Weber Decadal Variability within the Arctic Climate System poster
Willis A Deluge of Digital Data from the Arctic Domain talk
Wilson Prehistoric Surges of the Black Rapids Glacier: Using the Past to Assess Future Hazards poster
Witt Aylmer Lake, NWT, 1907/2015 (Ernest Thompson Seton and the Exploration of Canada's Fabled Aylmer Lake Documentary Film/30:31 minutes) talk
Woelders Ecological response to recent rapid Arctic climate change: Evidence from a remote high-Arctic lake talk
Zhao Temperature variability based on brGDGTs from a lake in southern Greenland over last 2000 years talk

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