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Shaped by humans, river deltas are gaining land worldwide—for now

A new study of nearly every delta on the planet shows how river delta shapes and sizes around the world are changing due to human activity. The study, carried out by a team of Dutch and American researchers that includes INSTAAR Albert Kettner, finds that increased soil erosion from deforestation has been building land in deltas over the past 30 years, despite extensive river damming. This trend is likely to reverse as sea-level rise accelerates and other human impacts take effect.

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INSTAAR hosts first data blitz highlighting new research (and science puns)

INSTAAR hosts first data blitz highlighting new research (and science puns)

Whales, wildfires, and weeds; dams, drones, and diatoms; sulfur, swamps, and sea ice were all headline topics at INSTAAR’s first data blitz last week. In quick succession, faculty, graduate students, and postdocs took turns giving two-minute talks using two slides apiece. The speed talks were meant to showcase the breadth and diversity of research that takes place in the Institute, and to help everyone get to know each other and their work a little better.

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Watershed exhibit to open at Museum of Boulder

Watershed exhibit to open at Museum of Boulder

An educational exhibit on the Boulder Creek watershed is opening at the Museum of Boulder on Friday, January 31 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. All are welcome at the opening reception, which is free.

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Noon seminar - The effects of China’s coal power generation overcapacity on global climate change

Opening reception for watershed exhibit at Museum of Boulder

Boulder is known for its water-carved landscapes that sweep from the peaks of the Continental Divide to the iconic Flatirons, and down to the grassy…

Noon seminar - Understanding the diversity of extensional mountain fronts

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Grad student seminar: Jessie Egan

Grad student seminar: Anna Hermes

Grad student seminar: Jon Raberg


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