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Telling your story: Science communication in the era of "fake news"

Friday, March 17, 2017, 1:00PM - 4:00PM


Tom Hayden; Erika Check Hayden

Stanford; UC Santa Cruz


Caruthers Biotech (JSCBB)

The political system seems newly beset by lies, misinformation, and false narratives. But from climate change to vaccine safety, scientists and science communicators have been pushing back against these hallmarks of "fake news" for years.

In this seminar, veteran science journalists and science communication program directors Erika Check Hayden and Thomas Hayden discuss the current backdrop and the pressing need for more engaged, proactive, and diverse science communication, along with concrete tools for building communication into your science career, or building your career in science communication.

1:00-2:00     Panel discussion and Q&A with Erika Hayden and Tom Porter, Caruthers Biotech B121

3:00-4:00     Seminar, Caruthers Biotech A108


Free and open to the public.