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INSTAAR seminar: Katharine Kelsey - Climate change-induced temporal changes to Arctic ecosystem...

Monday, September 27, 2021, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Katharine Kelsey

CU Denver


Sievers Room (SEEC S228)

Full title

Causes and consequences of climate change-induced temporal changes to ecosystem processes in the Arctic


Phenology, the timing of biological events such as vegetation leaf-out or animal migration, is changing as a result of climate warming. Phenological change is especially rapid in the Arctic, leading us to ask: what is driving changing phenology in this region, and what are the consequences of these changes? In this seminar I will report on work from two regions of Alaska: an investigation of the role of preceding winter snow and temperature conditions in controlling vegetation phenology in northern Alaska, and an experiment exploring changes to ecosystem level carbon exchange resulting from phenological change across multiple trophic levels in western Alaska. These works demonstrate that changing phenology in the Arctic has the potential for global consequences through both potential feedbacks to the carbon-climate system, and through effects translated to temperate regions via migratory herbivores who travel thousands of miles to and from the Arctic annually.

In-person gathering

In a celebration of our return-to-in-person seminars, there will be coffee/snacks on the SEEC terrace before the seminar this week ~ 11:40.

We are also providing a remote option for those unable to attend in person.


All are welcome - contact for the Zoom link for this talk or to be added to our seminars listserv.