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Noon seminar - The world's fisheries: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Monday, November 07, 2011, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


James R. McGoodwin

INSTAAR Affiliate


ARC room 620

Yesterday's prime concerns in ocean fisheries were underscored by catastrophic declines and changed access regimes prescribed by the new Law of the Sea in 1982. From these phenomena a robust interest in fishing communities arose which explored the implications of various property institutions, as well as the roles fishing communities might play in management. The tendency to conceptualize fisheries as regions with certain marine species moved toward conceptualizing them as ecosystems, prompting new concerns about the impact of fishing practices, fish stocks that straddle national boundaries, and sustainable fishing practices. And at the same time that management regimes increasingly limited entry and facilitated the commodification of fisheries resources, more holistic thinking about fisheries governance emerged. Now new challenges are emerging which may become the prime concerns in the near future --climatic and ecological change, the further extension of aquaculture into the oceans and seas, and ever more engineering of the planet's last great wild domain.