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Noon seminar - Extreme Ice Survey: Three years of arctic & alpine glacier time-lapse

Monday, May 03, 2010, 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Jim Balog

Extreme Ice Survey, INSTAAR Affiliate


RL-3 620

Art meets science in this stunning look at our changing planet. Internationally acclaimed photographer, adventurer and naturalist James Balog, extensively published in National Geographic and other international media, takes us on an inspiring quest to document spectacular arctic and alpine glaciers.

Braving treacherous conditions—crevasses, rockslides, avalanches, temperatures down to -40 F., and frigid river crossings—his Extreme Ice Survey team brings back to civilization extraordinary documentation of how quickly the ice is vanishing.

These fast-changing glacial landscapes are the canary in the coal mine, the most tangible, visible evidence of climate change anywhere in the world today. Building on his early career training as an earth scientist and mountaineer, James is uniquely qualified to make an informative presentation mixing astounding scientific facts with otherworldly beauty.

This is a passionate story of devotion, commitment and creativity. But it goes even further: it alters our perception of what it means to be human at this historic moment of geologic time.