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Grad student talk - CANCELLED

Thursday, November 03, 2016, 12:30PM - 1:30PM


Billy Armstrong


SEEC room S225

Full title

Patterns of glacier basal motion across south-central Alaska from Landsat imagery


Glacier basal motion is a poorly understood process that causes glacier velocity fluctuations and dictates glacier erosion patterns. We document spatial patterns of glacier basal motion by investigating the seasonal evolution of surface velocity for glaciers in the Wrangell and St Elias ranges of south-central Alaska over the Landsat 8 record. We employ PyCorr, a Python-implemented image cross-correlation program, to estimate 16 to 160-day-averaged glacier velocity fields over a regional scale. We develop an automated swath-profiler routine to develop time series of seasonal velocity profiles along 10 glacier centerlines. We find a broad pattern of 10-20 cm d-1 summer speedups along the terminal tens of kilometers on many glaciers. Preliminary data suggest glaciers with extensive debris-covered “dead ice” and glaciers that terminate in large proglacial lakes may behave differently. In addition to this glaciology research, I will talk a bit about image processing, geospatial data analysis, and workflow automation that may be useful in your research.