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The ghosts of Labar: Continuing the story of the 1970s Arun Valley Wildlife Expedition

In late September 1972, some 300 porters shouldered their 80-pound (36 kg) loads in the dusty eastern Nepali town of Dharan, in the lowland plain below the Siwalik Range, and started climbing uphill on a two-week trek toward Mt. Makalu, at 27,838 feet (8,485 m) the world’s fifth highest mountain. The natural history expedition they supplied spent more than a year documenting the plants and wildlife of the little-known upper Arun River Valley. Mountain ecologist Alton Byers revisited Labar in 2018, tracing the Nepali who worked with the researchers and tracing the consequences and contributions of the expedition.

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The Southern Ocean may be less of a carbon sink than we thought

The water surrounding Antarctica may be belching more CO2 than it takes in, featuring work by Nicole Lovenduski's research group reported in Science News.

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Monitoring changing world at CU Boulder’s Mountain Research Station

The University of Colorado Boulder’s Mountain Research Station, within the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest and situated just a few miles west off of Colo. 72, is the jumping-off point for some of the most important ongoing research into the nuanced and changing dynamics of alpine ecology going on anywhere in North America. The frontier of research into the effects of a changing climate, where animals and plants are living at the extreme limits of environmental tolerance at up to 12,000 feet, has continued to be expanded there—with ground-penetrating radar and drones now displacing shotguns and shovels—for well over half a century.

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‘Ice on Fire,’ featuring INSTAAR James White, film review | Cannes 2019

Leonardo DiCaprio narrates and produced this documentary, directed by Leila Connors, that lays out how the Arctic's melting ice caps affect us all.

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Colorado congressman wants probe reopened into claim feds tried to censor climate change report

Rep. Joe Neguse cites Maria Caffrey case as cause for concern that scientists are facing political interference. Caffrey's INSTAAR colleagues were interviewed for the story.

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Engaging the community in land conservation and preservation, CU Boulder prof honored with award

A University of Colorado Boulder professor’s passion for smart land management and community engagement have earned him recognition as the 2019 Chase Faculty Community Service Award winner. Timothy Seastedt's volunteerism provides learning opportunities for Colorado middle-and high-school students.

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