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Research team discovers first evidence of microbes living in a rock glacier

Scientists have discovered evidence of microbial activity in a rock glacier high above tree line in the Rocky Mountains, a barren environment previously thought to be devoid of life.

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History emerging from the ice: Melting glaciers lead to multitude of archeological discoveries

The world's glaciers are slowly melting, and as they do, artifacts from the near and distant past are emerging from the ice. NPR's Eric Niiler of All Things Considered reports on the discovery of archaeological treasure.

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The San Juan Avalanche Project by Don Bachman: Silverton Mountain Journal, February 2001

Bachman gives a lively and detailed account of INSTAAR's San Juan Avalanche Project, based in Silverton, Colorado from 1971 through 1987.

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Alaska glacier moving faster

Alaska's Columbia Glacier has increased its speed from 82 feet per day to 115 feet per day in recent months and within the next few years it could fill Prince William Sound with icebergs, according to University of Colorado glaciologist Tad Pfeffer.

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