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Geological Society of America awards John Andrews the Penrose Medal

INSTAAR Fellow John Andrews has been awarded the Penrose Medal, the highest honor from the Geological Society of America, for his original contributions to the science of geology.

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Water and natural gas: Win some, lose less?

Natural gas has been touted as a “bridge fuel” which would allow us to transition towards cleaner alternatives in the future while leaning away from emission-heavy carbon based fuels. We looked at some of the atmospheric consequences for using natural gas last week, and this week we’re taking a closer look at water. Water lost to fracking may be mitigated by water savings during power generation.

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Coal vs. natural gas in the climate ring: Calling this fight is tricky

A look at the complex climate-related tradeoffs of coal-fired electricity vs. natural gas.

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When less is more: New study tracks down lingering source of carbon tetrachloride emissions

A new study pinpoints higher than reported emissions of carbon tetrachloride, an ozone-depleting chemical banned for uses that result in it escaping to the atmosphere.

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Ancient extinction of giant Australian bird points to humans

The first direct evidence that humans played a substantial role in the extinction of the huge, wondrous beasts inhabiting Australia some 50,000 years ago--in this case a 500-pound bird, Genyornis newtoni--has been discovered by a University of Colorado Boulder-led team.

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Diana Nemergut, 1974-2015

Our friend and colleage Diana Nemergut passed away on the last day of 2015 after battling a brain tumor. She left behind a community of friends who mourn her deeply, and who celebrate her memory.

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