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INSTAAR hosts middle school students at science Open House

Southern Hills Middle School students visited INSTAAR for a day of tours, lab exercises, lectures, and hands-on investigations in the nearby creek.

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Vikings set sail from the Smithsonian

Astrid Ogilvie participated in a Smithsonian traveling exhibition on Viking exploration.

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Colorado’s drought plan considers paleoclimatic record

Connie Woodhouse was cited in the recently published Colorado Drought Mitigation and Response Plan for her dendroclimatological work showing persistent periods of drought lasting longer than droughts in the instrumental record.

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Changes in Australian ecosystems tied to arrival of exotic animals

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Antarctic ice core indicates record warming spike 19,000 years ago

Ancient ice cores indicate air temperatures in Antarctica rose up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few decades as the last ice age began to wane some 19,000 years ago, the largest and most abrupt warming spike ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Alaska’s speedy Columbia Glacier on disintegration course

Alaska's Columbia Glacier appears to be on course to disintegrate and evolve into a spectacular fjord rivaling Glacier Bay in the coming years, according to Tad Pfeffer.

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