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August 12th, 2008

CU panel series highlights climate, energy, and sustainability

Bill Bowman, Diane McKnight, Alan Townsend, and Jim White are participating in "Meeting the Global Energy and Climate Challenge," a series of more than a dozen public lectures and panel discussions focusing on climate change, energy, and the environment. Also included are opening sessions relating to mental health, globalization and economy. The program is designed for broad appeal and highlights timely and important CU-Boulder research and scholarship. The event will take place on 22-23 August 2008 to coincide with the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver.

Jim White is a participant in the “Real Change: The Science Behind Global Climate Change Predictions” panel on Saturday, Aug. 23. “CU-Boulder is third in the country in research funding for environmental sciences,” he said. “We have much to contribute and look to engage the public as often as we can in a language that we all understand. Higher education can and should be out front in identifying problems, finding solutions and helping to shape a prosperous future.”