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October 6th, 2016

In memoriam: John T. Hollin

We are deeply saddened to announce the loss of John Hollin, who passed away on October 3, 2016 after a short illness.

John was a glaciologist and paleoclimatologist. He was at Wilkes Station in Antarctica during the International Geophysical Year in 1958; a small Antarctic island is named after him. After earning a PhD at Princeton, he joined INSTAAR in the 1970s. Here he researched the history and extent of fluctuations of the Antarctic ice sheet and related sea-level changes in connection with past climates, especially during the last interglacial. He was a core member of the amino acid lab.

John was fiercely independent despite living 45 years with multiple sclerosis. We remember John as a skiier and hiker who loved the mountains, a strong rock climber, an omnivorous reader, and a dry wit with a prankish sense of humor. He was a generous mentor and colleague. Almost every day found him in his INSTAAR office, and he was an active audience member at graduate student talks and Monday seminars. He was sure to arrive with the latest issue of Science or Nature in hand, asking if his neighbor had seen the latest article about their particular interests.

A remembrance and celebration of his life will be held on Thursday, December 1, 2016, 4:00pm in room S228 (Sievers conference room) at the SEEC Building, 4001 Discovery Dr.  For more information, please contact