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December 15th, 2014

INSTAAR at AGU: Talks, posters, and sessions at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting

INSTAAR faculty and graduate students will share new research at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco, 15 to 19 December. They will present new research on abrupt climate change, air quality and fracking, polar climate change, atmospheric chemistry, flood impacts, forests and snow, plants and soils, and past climates.

Events are in Moscone West unless otherwise indicated.

Talks and posters

Monday 15 December

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Amanda Brenner, Robert Anderson, Suzanne Anderson, Eric Winchell, David Schellhase, and Jorgie Marquez. Reconstructing peak discharge in a Colorado Front Range headwater stream during the September 2013 storm. ED046-P03

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Linda Hembeck, et al., including Alan Fried. Ozone production efficiency in the Baltimore-Washington urban plume. A11H-3097

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Alexandra Jahn, Keith Lindsay, Bette Otto-Bliesner, Esther Brady, and Zhengyu Liu. Carbon isotopes in the ocean model of the Community Earth System Model (CESM). PP11B-1347

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Owen Mason, Claire Alix, Nancy Bigelow, and John Hoffecker. Cultural implications of out-of-phase weather across northern Alaska after 500 CE: Regional variability during the Medieval Climate Anomaly and Little Ice Age. GC11A-0549

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Qinghuan Zhang, Mark Williams, and Rory Cowie. Application of the Vic model to predict streamflow in the Como Creek watershed, Colorado Front Range. H11G-0973

9:15-9:30, Room 3010 Detlev Helmig, Chelsea Thompson, Jacques Hueber, Katie Smith, and Reed Terrell. Air quality impacts of oil and gas operations in the northern Colorado Front Range. A11L-06

9:15-9:30, Room 3006 Cynthia Nevison, Eri Saikawa, Edward Dlugokencky, Arlyn Andrews, and Colm Sweeney. Uncertainties in United States agricultural N2O emissions: comparing forward model simulations to atmospheric N2O data. A11P-06

10:20-10:35, Room 3010 Ravan Ahmadov, et al., including Detlev Helmig. Understanding high wintertime ozone events over an oil and natural gas production region from air quality model perspective (invited). A12C-01

10:35-10:50, Room 3010 Steven Brown, et al., including Detlev Helmig, Abigale Koss, and Chelsea Thompson. Winter photochemistry underlying high ozone in an oil and gas producing region. A12C-02

10:35-10:50, Room 2009 Tyler Jones, James White, Eric Steig, Kurt Cuffey, Bruce Vaughn, Valerie Morris, Gkinis Vasileios, Bradley Markle, and Spruce Schoenemann. The role of the tropics in last glacial abrupt climate change from a West Antarctic ice core. PP12B-02

1:40-1:55, Room 3001 Kenneth Pickering, et al., including Alan Fried. An overview of ozone and precursor temporal and spatial variability in DISCOVER-AQ study regions. A13Q-01

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Jason Evans, Detlev Helmig, and Chelsea Thompson. Influence of emissions from oil and gas development on elevated ozone in the northern Colorado Front Range. A13F-3246

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Albert Kettner, G. Robert Brakenridge, Eric van Praag, Tom de Groeve, Daniel Slayback, and Sagy Cohen. Dissemination of satellite-based river discharge and flood data (invited). H13H-1199

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Alia Khan, Heidi Dierssen, Joshua Schwarz, Yan Ding, Rudolf Jaffe, Thomas Painter, Diane McKnight, and Mark Hermanson. Assessing mining impacts from dust and black carbon on Arctic snow in Svalbard, Norway. C13A-0419

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Colin Lindsay, Scott Lehman, and John Miller. Southern Ocean carbon sink constraints from radiocarbon in Drake Passage air. GC13C-0655

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Christof Pearce, John Andrews, Anne Jennings, Ioanna Bouloubassi, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Antoon Kuijpers, and Claude Hillaire-Marcel. Heinrich 0 at the Younger Dryas termination offshore Newfoundland. PP13B-1419

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall David Reusch, David Schneider, Christopher Karmosky, and Derrick Lampkin. Patterns in polar climate change: How well do GCMs capture melt-season variability? C13B-0449

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Katie Smith, Detlev Helmig, Chelsea Thompson, Wei Wang, Reed Terrell, and Alistair Lewis. Evaluation and application of a solid adsorbent method for monitoring exposure to volatile organic compounds from oil and gas operations. A13F-3241

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Chelsea Thompson, Jason Evans, Wei Wang, Jacques Hueber, Katie Smith, Reed Terrell, and Detlev Helmig. Influence of oil and gas emissions on ambient atmospheric volatile organic compounds in residential areas of northeastern Colorado. A13E-3236

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Bruce Vaughn, Chris Rella, Gabrielle Petron, Owen Sherwood, Ingrid Mielke-Maday, and Stefan Schwietzke. Ground based mobile isotopic methane measurements in the Front Range, Colorado. A13F-3242

5:15-5:30, Room 2005 Andrew Wickert, Robert Anderson, and Jerry Mitrovica. Incision of the Mississippi River through the Laurentide Ice Sheet forebulge. EP14B-06

5:45-6:00, Room 3007 Benjamin Hudson, Irina Overeem, James Syvitski, Andreas Mikkelsen, Bent Hasholt, and Mathieu Morlighem. Greenland Ice Sheet sediment dynamics with Landsat: Island-wide mapping shows sediment export controlled by ice discharge. C14B-08

Tuesday 16 December

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Katja Dzepina, et al., including Detlev Helmig and Jacques Hueber. Molecular characterization of free tropospheric aerosol collected at the Pico Mountain Observatory. A21J-3172

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Stephanie Higgins, Irina Overeem, and James Syvitski. Monitoring delta subsidence with Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR). GC21D-0574

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Christopher Karmosky, Derrick Lampkin, David Reusch, and John Reasons. Recalibration of coupled optical/thermal MODIS infrared surface melt magnitude retrieval during the spatially-extensive 2012 Greenland Ice Sheet melt event. C21B-0334

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Anna Kelbert and Scott Peckham. Metadata for numerical models of deep Earth and Earth surface processes. IN21C-3721

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Allison Ring and Derrick Lampkin. Spatiotemporal variability of saturated crevasses along the margins of Jakobshavn Isbrae. C21B-0333

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Amy Steiker, Alan Townsend, and James White. Global measurement of nitrous oxide stable isotopes using cavity ring-down spectroscopy. B21F-0117

9:15-9:30, Room 3002 Arthur Flegal, Kuria Ndungu, Cheryl Zurbrick, Celine Gallon, and Sharon Stammerjohn. Natural Pb fluxes to the Southern Ocean from accelerated weathering in Antarctica. OS21G-06

9:45-10:00, Room 3007 W. Tad Pfeffer, Ethan Welty, and Shad O’Neel. Photogrammetry on glaciers: Old and new knowledge (invited). C21D-08

10:35-10:50, Room 2008 Esther Brady, Bette Otto-Bliesner, Alexandra Jahn, Toby Ault, Nan Rosenbloom, Andrew Mai, and Gary Strand. The CESM Last Millennium Ensemble: Tropical response to the Samalas, Kuwae and Tambora eruptions (invited). PP22A-02

10:35-10:50, Room 2005 Melissa Foster, Robert Anderson, Cianna Wyshnytzky, William Ouimet, and David Dethier. Hillslope lowering rates and mobile-regolith residence times from in situ and meteoric 10Be analysis: Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Colorado (invited). EP22B-02

10:35-10:50, Room 3007 Jin Liao et al., including Chelsea Thompson, Eric Apel, and Alan Fried. High levels of molecular chlorine found in the Arctic atmosphere (invited). C22B-02

10:50-11:05, Room 3007 James Roberts, et al., including Detlev Helmig and Chelsea Thompson. An overview of the Uintah Basin winter ozone study intensives: 2012, 2013, and 2014 (invited). C22B-03

1:40-2:40, Room 2022-2024 James White. Abrupt climate change: The view from the past, the present and the future (invited). C23D-01

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Suzanne Anderson, Katherine Barnhart, Patrick Kelly, Melissa Foster, and Abigail Langston. Using opposing slope aspects to understand water and energy flow controls on Critical Zone architecture (invited). EP23E-3631

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Robinson Negron Juarez, William Riley, Charles Koven, Ryan Knox, Philip Taylor, and Jeffrey Chambers. The association between net primary productivity and rainfall in CMIP5 20th and 21st century simulations. B23C-0207

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Arto Miettinen, Nalan Koc, Dmitry Divine, and Anne Jennings. Diatom inferred sea ice conditions on the SE Greenland Shelf during the last millennium. PP23B-1387

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Jessica Rogers, Owen Sherwood, Gregory Lackey, Troy Burke, Stephen Osborn, and Joseph Ryan. Occurrence and origin of methane in relation to major ion concentrations in groundwater wells of the Denver-Julesburg and Piceance Basins of Colorado. H23C-0894

1:55-2:10, Room 3007 Irina Overeem, Stephanie Higgins, James Syvitski, Albert Kettner, and G. Robert Brakenridge. The impacts of armoring our deltas: Mapping and modeling large-scale deltaplain aggradation (invited). GC23G-02

2:25-2:40, Room 2008 Christopher Florian, Gifford Miller, and Aslaug Geirsdottir. A multidecadal 11.5 ka sedimentary pigment record of aquatic productivity and landscape stability from Torfadalsvatn, north Iceland. PP23E-04

2:55-3:10, Room 3016 Adam Wlostowski, Michael Gooseff, and Diane McKnight. How do hyporheic zones mediate stream solute loads? Using Antarctic glacial melt streams to simplify the problem. H23Q-06

4:20-4:40, Room 2006 Jocelyn Turnbull et al., including Scott Lehman. Partitioning of urban CO2ff emissions by source sector: Results from the influx project (invited). B24D-02

4:30-4:45, Room 3007 Joseph MacGregor, et al., including Gary Clow. The Greenland Ice Sheet in three dimensions (invited). C24B-03

4:45-5:00, Room 3020 Diane McKnight, William Lyons, Michael Gooseff, Joshua Koch, Roseanna Neupauer, Karen Cozzetto, Ken Bencala, and James Cullis. Quantifying the dynamic coupling of hydrologic and biogeochemical processes in stream ecosystems: Examples from streams in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica (invited). H24B-04

5:30-5:45, Room 2003 Sylvia Michel, John Miller, Edward Dlugokencky, Bruce Vaughn, James White, Andrea Sack, Owen Sherwood, and Kenneth Masarie. As methane concentration goes up, stable isotopes of methane go down: 13C implicates a microbial source across latitudinal gradients. B24C-07

Wednesday 17 December

8:00-8:15, Room 3014 James Syvitski and Stephanie Higgins. Subsidence and relative sea-level rise in threatened deltas (invited). H31L-01

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall William Armstrong, Robert Anderson, Jeffery Allen, Harihar Rajaram, and Leif Anderson. Glacier basal sliding in two dimensions quantified from correlation of high-resolution satellite imagery: A case study on Kennicott Glacier, Alaska. C31B-0304

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Suzanne Anderson, Lesley Smith, Anne Gold, Rebecca Batchelor, and Barbara Monday. Attracting students into science: Insights from a summer research internship program for community college students in Colorado. ED31A-3426

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Benjamin Hmiel, et al., including Isaac Vimont and James White. Understanding the production and retention of in situ cosmogenic 14C in polar firn. C31C-0333

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall John Knowles, Peter Blanken, and Mark Williams. Variation in soil respiration across an alpine soil moisture and vegetation community gradient at Niwot Ridge, Colorado. H31G-0685

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Derrick Lampkin, Byron Parizek, Eric Larour, Helene Seroussi, and Mathieu Morlighem. Shear weakening due to drainage from water-filled crevasses along the margins of Jakobshavn Isbrae. C51B-0265

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Scott Peckham, Cecelia DeLuca, David Gochis, Jennifer Arrigo, Anna Kelbert, Eunseo Choi, and Rocky Dunlap. EarthCube–Earth System Bridge: Spanning scientific communities with interoperable modeling frameworks. IN31D-3754

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Philip Place, et al., including Isaac Vimont, Bruce Vaughn, and James White. A 40-year record of Northern Hemisphere atmospheric carbon monoxide concentration and isotope ratios from the firn at Greenland Summit. C31C-0335

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Sally Pusede, et al., including Alan Fried. On the mechanisms linking nitrogen oxides to trends in ammonium nitrate aerosol over the last decade in the San Joaquin Valley. A31C-3044

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Bruce Raup, Richard Armstrong, Jeffrey Kargel, W. Tad Pfeffer, J. Cogley, and Regine Hock. Progress and challenges for GLIMS 2: Merging the GLIMS and RGI glacier databases. C31B-0288

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Eric Steig, Gkinis Vasileios, Andrew Schauer, Spruce Schoenemann, John Hoffnagle, and Kate Dennis. Practice and applications of 17O-excess measurements of water using novel laser spectroscopy. PP31D-1176

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Kendra Wright, et al., including Detlev Helmig and Jacques Hueber. Optical properties of aged free tropospheric aerosol over the Northern Atlantic: Analysis of 2012-2014 data. A31D-3065

8:30-8:45, Room 3004 Jenny Fisher, et al., including Alan Fried. Isoprene chemistry in the Southeastern United States constrained by GEOS-Chem chemical transport model interpretation of aircraft observations from the 2013 NASA SEAC4rs Campaign. A31J-03

8:30-8:45, Room 2003 Diane McKnight, et al., including Andrew Fountain. The McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems responding to climatic events that enhance hydrologic transport acress the landscape (invited). B31J-03

9:30-9:45, Room 2003 Hugh Ducklow, Sevrine Sailley, Sharon Stammerjohn, Grace Saba, and Scott Doney. Ecological controls on biogeochemical fluxes in the Western Antarctic Peninsula: Long-term observations and inverse food web model results. B31J-07

9:30-9:45, Room 3012 Claudio Mazzoleni, et al., including Jacques Hueber and Detlev Helmig. Single particle characterization of free tropospheric aerosols at the Pico Mountain Observatory over the North Atlantic. A31K-07

9:30-9:45, Room 2002 Diana Nemergut and Emily Graham. Does microbial community structure matter for predicting ecosystem function? Use of statistical models to examine relationships between the environment, community and processes (invited). B31K-07

10:50-11:05, Room 2010 Katherine Barnhart and Robert Anderson. Chilly Hilly: Coupling models of landscape evolution and subsurface thermal processes. EP32B-03

1:40-1:55, Room 2003 Detlev Helmig, Daniel Obrist, Chris Moore, Brie Van Dam, Jacques Hueber, Timothy Molnar, Mark Williams, Louisa Kramer, Paul Doskey, and Xavier Fain. The role of snow cover on surface trace gas exchanges at Toolik Lake, AK (invited). B33G-01

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Gonzalo Gonzalez Abad, et al., including Alan Fried. Validation of the updated SAO OMI formaldehyde retrieval. A33I-3310

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Eunseo Choi, Anna Kelbert, and Scott Peckham. Linking tectonics and surface processes through SNAC-CHILD coupling: Preliminary results towards interoperable modeling frameworks. T33B-4683

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Lu Hu, Dylan Millet, Munkhbayar Baasandorj, Timothy Griffis, Peter Turner, Detlev Helmig, Abigale Curtis, and Jacques Hueber. Isoprene emissions and impacts in an ecological transition region inferred from tall tower measurements. A33H-3288

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall David Markle, et al., including Tyler Jones and James White. Tropical teleconnections to Antarctic circulation during the millennial-scale Dansgaard-Oeschger climate cycles. A33E-3249

4:15-4:30, Room 3020 Tomas Mikoviny, et al., including Alan Fried and Dirk Richter. Convective transport of trace gases from near the surface to the upper troposphere: A case study. A34B-02

4:45-5:00, Room 3016 James Famiglietti, et al., including Noah Molotch. Satellite observations of the epic California drought. H34D-04

4:45-5:00, Room 3006 Bin Guan, Noah Molotch, Duane Waliser, Eric Fetzer, and Paul Neiman. Influence of large-scale climate modes on atmospheric rivers that drive regional precipitation extremes. A34E-04

5:00-5:15, Room 2007 Eric Winchell, Elizabeth Lombardi, Jorgie Marquez, Daniel Doak, and Robert Anderson. Gopher eskers, mounds, and stonelines: Evidence of the annual to centennial impacts of gophers in the montane meadows of Colorado’s Front Range. EP34A-05

5:30-5:45, Room 2008 David Noone, Adriana Raudzens Bailey, Max Berkelhammer, Christopher Cox, Konrad Steffen, and James White. A reassessment of Greenland climate history using a proxy system model for accumulation of the isotope record in snow. PP34B-07

5:30-5:45, Room 2003 James Syvitski, Irina Overeem, G. Robert Brakenridge, Benjamin Hudson, and Sagy Cohen. Arctic river discharge and sediment loads: An overview (invited). B34B-07

Thursday 18 December

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Elizabeth Bradley, Kenneth Anderson, Thomas Marchitto, Laura de Vesine, James White, and David Anderson. CSciBox: A software system for age-model construction and evaluation. PP41D-1425

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Allison Gaylord, Ari Kassin, Ryan Cody, Walter Copenhaver, William Manley, Mike Dover, Robbie Score, and Craig Tweedle. Arctic Research Mapping Application (ARMAP) showcases discovery level metadata for US funded research projects. IN41C-3667

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Ari Kassin, et al., including William Manley. The Arctic Observing Viewer: A web-mapping application for U.S. Arctic observing activities. IN41C-3664

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Katherine Ratliff, A. Brad Murray, Eric Hutton, Anastasia Piliouras, Wonsuck Kim. Medium-detail delta morphodynamic modeling: Initial experiments with avulsion behaviors, sediment delivery, artificial leeves, and relative sea level rise rates. EP41A-3499

8:30-8:45, Room 3014 Stephen Montzka, et al., including Scott Lehman and Chad Wolak. Atmosphere-based estimates of non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions for the U.S. derived from 14CO2 during 2009-2012. A41N-03

8:45-9:00, Room 2020 Daniel Slayback, Frederick Policelli, Maura Tokay, and G. Robert Brakenridge. Global near real-time MODIS and Landsat flood mapping and product delivery (invited). IN41D-04

9:30-9:45, Room 2010 Gerald Rustic, Athanasios Koutavas, Thomas Marchitto, and Braddock Linsley. Eastern Tropical Pacific mean state and variability during the past 1000 years. PP41F-07

10:20-10:35, Room 3014 Stefan Schwietzke, Owen Sherwood, Pieter Tans, Sylvia Michel, John Miller, Edward Dlugokencky, W. Griffin, and Lori Bruhwiler. Long-term trends and confidence in global natural gas fugitive emissions rates based on δ13C-CH4. A42C-01

11:05-11:20, Room 3005 Alexandra Jahn, Marika Holland, and Jennifer Kay. Internal variability limits the predictability of a summer ice-free Arctic. C42B-04

12:05-12:20, Room 3014 Lei Hu, et al., including Scott Lehman. Atmosphere-derived national emissions of ozone depleting substances and substitutes for the United States. A42C-08

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Ulas Avsar, Sigurjon Jonsson, Aslaug Geirsdottir, Thor Thordarson, and Gifford Miller. Sedimentary records of past earthquakes during the last 2400 years in Botnsvatn Lake on the Húsavík-Flatey Fault, north Iceland. T43B-4718

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Keith Musselman, Noah Molotch, and Steven Margulis. Snowmelt sensitivity to warmer temperatures: A field-validated model analysis, southern Sierra Nevada, California. C43A-0365

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Darren Pilcher, Galen McKinley, Keith Lindsay, Matthew Long, and Nicole Lovenduski. Timescales and magnitude of internal variability in surface ocean pCO2: 1975-2036. A43D-3315

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Asa Rennermalm, Marco Tedesco, Thomas Mote, Irina Overeem, Andreas Mikkelsen, and Bent Hasholt. Greenland Ice Sheet meltwater export and river discharge. H43J-1094

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Dominik Schneider and Noah Molotch. Establishing transferable sub-pixel relationships for estimating snow depth from remotely-sensed snow covered area and terrain variability. C43D-0434

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Brie Van Dam, Detlev Helmig, Paul Doskey, Samuel Oltmans, and Patrick Boylan. Boundary layer O3 dynamics and deposition to tundra during a summer in the Alaskan Arctic. B43B-0248

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Kristin Werner, Thomas Marchitto, Christelle Not, Robert Spielhagen, and Katrine Husum. Restrictions in Mg/Ca-paleotemperature estimations in high-latitude bottom waters: Evidence from the Fram Strait and the Nordic Seas. PP43B-1476

2:40-2:55, Room 2008 Anne Jennings, John Andrews, Colm Ó Cofaigh, Guillaume St-Onge, Simon Belt, Patricia Cabedo-Sanz, and Julian Dowdeswell. Paleoceanography and ice sheet-ocean interactions on the central West Greenland Margin, LGM through deglaciation. PP43F-05

3:25-3:40, Room 2009 Mark Williams. What a long strange trip it’s been: Lessons learned from NASA EOS, LTER, NEON, CZO and on to the future with sustainable research networks (invited). U43A-08

4:15-4:30, Room 2005 Yunzhen Chen, Irina Overeem, Albert Kettner, Shu Gao, and James Syvitski. Modeling flood dynamics along the super-elevated channel belt of the Yellow River, China, over the last 3000 years (invited). EP44A-02

4:30-4:45, Room 2005 Mariela Perignon, Eleanor Griffin, Gregory Tucker, Jonathan Friedman, and Irina Overeem. Interactions of flow, sediment transport, and vegetation in the long-term evolution of arroyos. EP44A-03

5:15-5:30, Room 2005 Sagy Cohen, Albert Kettner, James Syvitski, and Dai Yamazaki. Global-scale simulation of river-floodplain water and sediment exchange within a riverine modeling framework. EP44A-06

Friday 19 December

8:00-8:15, Room 2005 Robert Anderson. Edges and blocks matter on hillslopes, rivers, and glacial landscapes (invited). EP51G-01

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Emily Baker, Mark Raleigh, and Noah Molotch. Quantifying widespread canopy cover decline through the course of a beetle kill epidemic in Colorado with remote sensing of snow. H51H-0704

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Theodore Barnhart, Noah Molotch, Adrian Harpold, John Knowles, and Suzanne Anderson. Sensitivity of hydrologic partitioning to snowpack dynamics, Como Creek, CO. H51D-0643

8:00-12:20, Poster Hall Jessica Driscoll, Thomas Meixner, Ty Ferré, Mark Williams, James Sickman, Noah Molotch, and Steven Jepsen. The role of dynamic storage in the response to snowmelt conditions in the Southwestern United States: Flux hysteresis at the catchment scale. H51O-0825

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Abrar Hossain, Kazi Matin Ahmed, and Irina Overeem. Assessing morphological changes due to hydrometeorologic influences in Mehendiganj Island, Meghna Estuary, Bangladesh. EP51B-3528

8:00-12:20, Moscone South Poster Hall Xiu Juan Liu and Irina Overeem. Deposition and preservation of sediment in floodplain of the Yangtze River. EP51B-3529

8:30-8:45, Room 3007 Jason Briner, Avriel Schweinsberg, Gifford Miller, Nathaniel Lifton, Casey Beel, and Ole Bennike. Peeking under the ice…literally: Records of Arctic climate change from radiocarbon dating moss emerging from beneath retreating glaciers. C51C-03

8:35-8:52, Moscone South Room 103-104 Ashley Ballantyne, William Anderegg, David Bowling, William Smith, John Miller, James White, and Pieter Tans. Diagnosing carbon-climate feedbacks in the contemporary carbon cycle. U51A-03

8:45-9:00, Room 3020 Noah Molotch. Impacts of insect-related forest mortality on hydrologic partitioning and forest productivity in the southern Rocky Mountains, USA. H51T-04

9:15-9:30, Room 3007 Lora Koenig, et al., including Derrick Lampkin. Radar detections of buried supraglacial lakes across the Greenland Ice Sheet (invited). C51C-06

9:30-9:45, Room 2022-2024 Markus Müller, et al., including Alan Fried. First airborne PTR-ToF-MS measurements of VOCs in a biomass burning plume: Primary emissions and aging. A51K-07

10:50-11:05, Room 2008 Owen Sherwood, Kelton McMahon, Thomas Guilderson, and Matthew Mccarthy. Late Holocene plankton domain shifts in the North Pacific subtropical gyre revealed by amino acid specific δ13C AND δ15N records from proteinaceous deep-sea corals (invited). PP52A-03

11:35-11:50, Moscone South Room 302 Ulas Avsar, Aurelia Hubert-Ferrari, Sigurjon Jonsson, Marc De Batist, Nathalie Fagel, Aslaug Geirsdottir, Thor Thordarson, and Gifford Miller. Examples of subaqueous paleoseismological techniques from Turkey and Iceland: With special emphasis on the importance of constructing precise sediment chronologies. T52A-06

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall John Behrendt. Modeled aeromagnetic anomalies, controlled by radar ice sounding, as evidence for subglacial volcanic activity in the West Antarctic Rift System (WR) beneath the area of the divide of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS). GP33A-3684

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Leif Anderson, Andrew Wickert, William Colgan, and Robert Anderson. Numerical modeling of the Last Glacial Maximum Yellowstone Ice Cap captures asymmetry in moraine ages. C53C-0323

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Scott Anderson, Suzanne Anderson, Robert Anderson, and David Schellhase. Exhumation by landslide-initiated debris flows in the 2013 Colorado Front Range storm. EP53B-3654

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall David Behar, W. Tad Pfeffer, Kris May, Philip Mote, and Daniel Cayan. Creating infrastructure resilience from information chaos: The City and County of San Francisco’s approach to sea level rise science and adaptation planning. GC53A-0500

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Megan Bela, et al., including Alan Fried. Role of wet scavenging of HOx precursors in DC3 Oklahoma and Alabama thunderstorms as determined using aircraft observations and results from WRF-Chem simulations. A53C-3232

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Sarah Crump and Gifford Miller. Constraining the timing of neoglaciation: Moraine exposure ages from Baffin Island, Arctic Canada. C53C-0318

1:40-6:00, Moscone South Poster Hall Ryan Lingo, Kaleb Horlick, and David Anderson. New catalog of resources enables paleogeosciences research. IN53B-3812

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Jennifer Massoll, Amy Wagner, David Anderson, Chad Lane, Jin-Kyoung Kim, and Sang Lee. Decadal variations in Western Pacific Warm Pool dynamics as evidenced by Porites corals from Chuuk Atoll, Federated States of Micronesia. PP53B-1212

1:40-6:00, Poster Hall Simon Pendleton and Gifford Miller. Emergent dead vegetation and paired cosmogenic isotope constraints on ice cap activity, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada. C53A-0283

1:55-2:10, Room 3010 James Crawford, et al., including Alan Fried. Challenges and opportunities for remote sensing of air quality: Insights from DISCOVER-AQ (invited). A53N-02

2:10-2:25, Moscone South Room 303 Holly Barnard, Margaret Burns, Diane McKnight, Rachel Gabor, and Paul Brooks. Reconciling stream dissolved organic matter with snowmelt-driven subsurface flowpaths in a montane, headwater catchment (invited). H53K-03


Elizabeth Hajek and Irina Overeem.
EP44A. Floodplain dynamics through space and time I.
EP51B. Floodplain dynamics through space and time II posters.

Albert Kettner, Sagy Cohen, Emilio Mayorga, and Basil Gomez.
EP51A. Assessing the current state and functioning of inland surface waters (ISW) under global change posters.

Shaun Marcott, Thomas Bauska, Edward Brook and James White.
U51A. The carbon cycle on annual to millennial timescales.

Noah Molotch, Adam Winstral, Michael Durand, and Tobias Jonas.
C34A. Modeling of the cryosphere I posters.
C43A. Modeling of the cryosphere II posters.

Huan Wu, Tara Troy, Philip Ward, and G. Robert Brakenridge.
H33M. Global floods: Forecasting, monitoring, risk assessment, and socioeconomic response I.
H34C. Global floods: Forecasting, monitoring, risk assessment, and socioeconomic response II.
H41C. Global floods: Forecasting, monitoring, risk assessment, and socioeconomic response III posters.