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December 5th, 2013

INSTAAR at AGU: Talks, posters, and sessions at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting

INSTAAR faculty and graduate students will share their research at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting held in San Francisco, 9 to 13 December. They will present new research on abrupt climate change, atmospheric chemistry, geomorphology, rivers and oceans, forests and snow, plants and soils, past climates, flood monitoring, Antarctic volcanoes, coastal erosion, and emissions from energy production.

INSTAAR talks and posters

* indicates presenter

Monday 9 December

Suzanne P. Anderson* and Nathan Rock. Snowmelt and rain in a marginal snowpack watershed: Amount and duration of water input controls runoff. EP13C-0881.

John C. Behrendt*. Evidence for subglacial volcanic activity beneath the area of the Divide of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. T13A-2513.

Susan L. Brantley*, Timothy S. White, Suzanne P. Anderson, Roger C. Bales, Jon Chorover, and William H. McDowell. Critical Zone science and Observatories. TH15D-01.

Christo Buizert*, Vasileios Gkinis, Jeffrey P. Severinghaus, Feng He, Benoit Lecavalier, Philippe Kindler, Markus Leuenberger, Anders E. Carlson, Bo Vinther, James W. C. White, Zhengyu Liu, Bette L. Otto-Bliesner, and Edward Brook. Greenland temperature response to climate forcing during the last deglaciation. PP13E-06.

Swarup China*, Claudio Mazzoleni, Lynn R. Mazzoleni, Sumit Kumar, Michael Dziobak, Paulo J. Fialho, Katja Dzepina, Jacques Hueber, Detlev Helmig, Louisa J. Kramer, Noopur Sharma, Seth C. Olsen, and Robert C. Owen. Aging of soot particles: Remote marine free-tropospheric aerosol at the Pico Mountain Observatory, Azores. A13B-0198.

James H. Crawford*, Jennifer R. Olson, Gao Chen, Mary M. Kleb, Andrew J. Weinheimer, David J. Knapp, Denise Montzka, Alan Fried, James Walega, Glenn S. Diskin, Glen W. Sachse, Armin Wisthaler, Tomas Mikoviny, John D. Barrick, Scott J. Janz, Matthew G. Kowalewski, Melissa M. Yang, and Kenneth E. Pickering. Indicators of photochemistry in DISCOVER-AQ observations: Implications for diagnosing ozone production and photochemical intensity from space. A13D-0247.

Kyle D. Custard*, Chelsea R. Stephens, Kerri Pratt, Paul B. Shepson, Jin Liao, Athanasios Nenes, John J. Orlando, Andrew J. Weinheimer, Eric C. Apel, Samuel R. Hall, Frank M. Flocke, Lee Mauldin, Rebecca S. Hornbrook, Petter Weibring, Alan Fried, Barkley C. Sive, David J. Knapp, Denise Montzka, Chris A. Cantrell, and Kirk Ullmann. Influence of elevated NOx levels on the oxidation capacity of the atmospheric boundary layer in Barrow, Alaska. C13A-0655.

Amy E. Grady*, Chris J. Jenkins, Laura J. Moore, Donald C. Potts, Peter M. Burgess, Curt D. Storlazzi, Edwin Elias, and Matthew A. Reidenbach. Feedbacks between wave energy and declining coral reef structure: Implications for coastal morphodynamics. EP13A-0837.

Darren J. Larsen*, Gifford H. Miller, and Áslaug Geirsdóttir. Asynchronous Little Ice Age glacier fluctuations in Iceland and European Alps linked to shifts in subpolar North Atlantic circulation. PP13E-08.

Wesley E. LeMasurier* and Sung Hi Choi. Reconciling the shadow of a subduction signature with rift geochemistry and tectonic environment in eastern Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. V13C-2622.

Michael J. Macferrin, Waleed Abdalati, Karen E. Alley, Dirk van As, Charalampos Charalampidis, Alexander Crawford, Horst Machguth, and Theodore A. Scambos. Inverted firn compaction profiles caused by shallow massive ice layers in the percolation zone of the Greenland ice sheet. C13B-0676.

Noah P. Molotch* and Adrian A. Harpold. Forest-snow interactions at Critical Zone Observatories of the Western U.S. (invited). EP11A-08.

Noah P. Molotch*, Ernesto Trujillo, and Leanne Lestak. Record-setting forest stress in the Rocky Mountains caused by low snowfall and high potential evapotranspiration, consistent with expected future conditions (invited). GC14A-08.

Jeong-Hoo Park*, Alex B. Guenther, and Detlev Helmig. Ozone reactivity of biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emissions during the Southeast Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS). A13A-0172.

Sasha Reed*, Cory C. Cleveland, Eric A. Davidson, and Alan R. Townsend. Patterns in foliar nutrient resorption stoichiometry at multiple scales: Controlling factors and ecosystem consequences (invited). B12C-08.

Daniel A. Slayback*, Frederick S. Policelli, G. R. Brakenridge, Maura M. Tokay, Matthew M. Smith, and Albert J. Kettner. Global, daily, near real-time satellite-based flood monitoring and product dissemination. IN11B-1515.

Robert S. Thompson, Katherine Anderson, Richard Pelltier, Laura E. Strickland, Sarah L. Shafer, and Patrick J. Bartlein. Paleoclimatic reconstructions from plant macrofossils for the Last Glacial Maximum, middle Holocene, and latest Holocene in the American Southwest. PP11A-1791.

Alan R. Townsend*, Cory C. Cleveland, Philip Taylor, Kyla Dahlin, William R. Wieder, William K. Smith, Benjamin W. Sullivan, K. Dana Chadwick, and Christopher Doughty. An inter-comparison of plot-scale, satellite and earth system model estimates of tropical net primary productivity (invited). B12C-05.

Benjamin J. Vanderjagt*, Michael T. Durand, Noah P. Molotch, Steven A. Margulis, and Edward J. Kim. Characterizing vegetation transmissivity via spatial and temporal variations in multi-resolution passive microwave measurements at Ka band (invited). C14B-06.

Samantha R. Weintraub*, Robert F. Stallard, Philip Taylor, Gregory P. Asner, and Alan R. Townsend. Erosional nitrogen losses in a geomorphologically dynamic wet tropical watershed. B11C-0392.

Fei Xing*, Albert J. Kettner, James P. Syvitski, Qinghua Ye, Azure Bevington, Robert Twilley, and John H. Atkinson. Impact of vegetation on the hydrodynamics and morphological changes of the Wax Lake Delta during hurricanes. EP13A-0857.

Tuesday 10 December

Karen E. Alley and Theodore A. Scambos. Getz Ice Shelf, West Antarctica: Little glacier speed increase despite basal ice shelf melting. C21E-05.

Eric C. Apel*, Rebecca S. Hornbrook, Alan J. Hills, Louisa K. Emmons, Andrew J. Weinheimer, David J. Knapp, Teresa L. Campos, Frank M. Flocke, Alan Fried, Petter Weibring, Dirk Richter, Thomas B. Ryerson, Jennifer R. Olson, Armin Wisthaler, Donald R. Blake, Nicola J. Blake, and Daniel D. Riemer. Transport and chemical evolution of trace species following convective events during DC3. A21I-06.

Katherine R. Barnhart*, Irina Overeem, and Robert S. Anderson. Influence of the sea-ice edge on the Arctic nearshore environment. C21D-0685.

Mary C. Barth*, Megan M. Bela, Meghan Applegate, Alan Fried, Petter Weibring, Thomas F. Hanisco, Heather L. Arkinson, Eric C. Apel, Daniel W. O’Sullivan, Brian Heikes, Paul O. Wennberg, John Crounse, Jason M. St Clair, Athanasios Nenes, Milos Z. Markovic, Jeffrey L. Stith, Teresa L. Campos, Steven A. Rutledge, Brett Basarab, Brody Fuchs, Lawrence D. Carey, Anthony L. Bain, Michael I. Biggerstaff, Armin Wisthaler, Glenn S. Diskin, Pedro Campuzano Jost, Thomas B. Ryerson, Frank M. Flocke, and Sara Lance. Connecting soluble trace gases and aerosol vertical distributions to storm properties. A21I-05.

Erin Berryman*, Holly R. Barnard, Paul D. Brooks, Hallie Adams, Margaret A. Burns, Whitman Wilson, and Clare M. Stielstra. Coupled soil respiration and transpiration dynamics from tree-scale to catchment scale in dry Rocky Mountain pine forests and the role of snowpack. H23C-1279.

David R. Bowling*, Peter Blanken, Paul D. Brooks, James R. Ehleringer, Brent E. Ewers, Scott Lehman, Marcy E. Litvak, William J. Massman, John B. Miller, Britton B. Stephens, and Bruce H. Vaughn. Land-atmosphere carbon cycle research in the southern Rocky Mountains. B23H-01.

G. R. Brakenridge* and Charon M. Birkett. Lake storage measurements for water resources management: Combining remotely sensed water levels and surface areas. GC21B-0831.

Margaret A. Burns*, Diane M. McKnight, Rachel S. Gabor, Paul D. Brooks, and Holly R. Barnard. Transport and transformation of dissolved organic matter in soil interstitial water across forested, montane hillslopes. H23F-1340.

Sagy Cohen*, Albert J. Kettner, and James P. Syvitski. Anthropogenic effects on global riverine sediment and water discharge: A spatially explicit analysis. GC23C-0939.

Cecelia DeLuca*, Sylvia Murphy, Luca Cinquini, Allyn Treshansky, Jillian C. Wallis, Richard B. Rood, and Irina Overeem. The Earth System CoG Collaboration Environment. IN23B-1436.

Whitney C. Doss* and Thomas M. Marchitto. Glacial deep ocean sequestration of CO2 driven by the eastern equatorial Pacific biologic pump. PP21E-04.

Jessica Ebert*, Devin Castendyk, and Diane M. McKnight. Evolution of dissolved organic matter under lake ice in Lake Hoare, Antarctica. B23E-0598.

Melissa A. Foster*, Miriam Dühnforth, Robert S. Anderson. Strath terraces on the western High Plains indicate climatically-driven variations in sediment supply from source basins in the Colorado Front Range. EP23B-08.

Allison G. Gaylord, Ari Kassin, Ryan P. Cody, William F. Manley, Mike Dover, Roberta Score, Diana Garcia-Lavigne, and Craig E. Tweedie. Arctic Research Mapping Application (ARMAP) showcases discovery level metadata for US funded research projects. IN23D-1449.

Alex B. Guenther*, Xiaoyan Jiang, Lisa Kaser, Eric C. Apel, Louisa K. Emmons, Wenzheng Fang, Peter C. Harley, Alan J. Hills, Rebecca S. Hornbrook, Edward G. Patton, Andrew A. Turnipseed, Thomas Karl, Luping Su, John E. Mak, Pawel K. Misztal, Allen H. Goldstein, Martin Graus, Carsten Warneke, Bin Yuan, Joost A. De Gouw, Jeong-Hoo Park, and Detlev Helmig. Distributions, sources and sinks of biogenic volatile organic compounds in the Southeast U.S. (invited). A23G-01.

Colin M. Lindsay*, Scott Lehman, Thomas M. Marchitto, Joseph D. Ortiz, and Alexander van Geen. The surface expression of radiocarbon anomalies near Baja California during deglaciation. PP23B-1961.

Bradley R. Markle*, Eric J. Steig, Spruce W. Schoenemann, Todd A. Sowers, Christo Buizert, Qinghua Ding, Tyler J. Fudge, James W. C. White. Redefining deuterium excess in ice cores: Antarctic-wide evidence for ITCZ and polar jet variability during abrupt climate change. PP21A-1881.

John A. Mischler*, Waleed Abdalati, Khalid Hussein, and Alan R. Townsend. Remote sensing of aquatic vegetation coverage in the Kafue River, Zambia and comparison to climatic variables. GC23A-0902.

Jennifer R. Olson*, James H. Crawford, Glenn S. Diskin, Glen W. Sachse, Donald R. Blake, Nicola J. Blake, William H. Brune, Li Zhang, Xinrong Ren, Jingqiu Mao, Ronald Cohen, Benjamin Nault, Jack E. Dibb, Christopher A. Cantrell, Alan Fried, Dirk Richter, Petter Weibring, Eric C. Apel, Frank M. Flocke, Samuel R. Hall, Rebecca S. Hornbrook, Kirk Ullmann, Andrew J. Weinheimer, Thomas F. Hanisco, Thomas B. Ryerson, John Crounse, Jason M. St Clair, Paul Wennberg, Armin Wisthaler, and Tomas Mikoviny. Chemical evolution in upper tropospheric convective outflow: Case study of a mesoscale convective system during DC3 (invited). A21I-07.

Joshua A. Roberti*, Jeff R. Taylor, Ruth D. Yanai, Adam M. Skibbe, Xuesong Zhang, and Lloyd W. Swift. Spatial variance of precipitation: optimizing sampling efficiency and mitigating uncertainties. B24B-07.

Robert F. Stallard*. Considerations of erosion and storage of carbon, focusing on tropical landscapes in Puerto Rico and Panama (invited). B21H-06.

Eric J. Steig*, James W. C. White, Tyler J. Fudge, Kendrick Taylor, Bradley R. Markle, Spruce W. Schoenemann, Qinghua Ding, Edward Brook, Joseph R. McConnell, and Christo Buizert. Sensitivity of West Antarctica to climate and ice sheet variability on multiple timescales (invited). C21E-03.

Wednesday 11 December

Hallie R. Adams*, Alex K. Loomis, and Holly R. Barnard. Linking topographic, hydrologic, climatic, and ecologic processes in semi-arid forests: An investigation of aboveground growth dynamics. B33J-0597.

Leif S. Anderson*, Gerard Roe, and Robert S. Anderson. The effect of interannual variability on the moraine record: A new perspective on paleoclimate estimation in glacial landscapes. EP34A-04.

William H. Armstrong*, Robert S. Anderson, Erin C. Pettit, and Harihar Rajaram. Hydrometeorology and basal sliding on the Kennicott Glacier, Alaska, USA: Evidence for seasonal, diurnal, and event-scale glacier velocity fluctuations due to varying meltwater inputs and precipitation events. C33B-0720.

Jason P. Briner*, Avriel Schweinsberg, Gifford H. Miller, Ole Bennike, and Nathaniel A. Lifton. Reconstructing the late Holocene expansion of mountain ice caps in west-central Greenland. C33A-0654.

Edward Brook*, Thomas Blunier, Jerome A. Chappellaz, David Etheridge, Hubertus Fischer, Todd A. Sowers, James W. C. White, and Eric W. Wolff. Long term trends and abrupt perturbations in the late Quaternary atmospheric methane budget (invited). U33A-03.

Katja Dzepina*, Swarup China, Sumit Kumar, Claudio Mazzoleni, Michael Dziobak, Paulo J. Fialho, Jacques Hueber, Detlev Helmig, R. Chris Owen, Louisa J. Kramer, Seth C. Olsen, Lynn R. Mazzoleni. Chemical characterization of free tropospheric aerosols in the North Atlantic measured at the Pico Mountain Observatory during summer of 2012. A31D-0121.

Stephanie Higgins*, Irina Overeem, Akiko Tanaka, and James P. Syvitski. Sinking coastlines: Land subsidence at aquaculture facilities in the Yellow River Delta, China, measured with Differential Synthetic Aperture Radar (D-InSAR). EP34B-07.

Benjamin D. Hudson*, Irina Overeem, Andreas B. Mikkelsen, Daniel McGrath, James P. Syvitski. Estimating freshwater discharge from the Greenland Ice Sheet with MODIS. C33B-0732.

Christine Laney, Ryan P. Cody, Allison G. Gaylord, Ari Kassin, William F. Manley, Roberta Score, and Craig E. Tweedie. My world Is your world: Web portal design for environmental data. IN33B-1540.

Diane M. McKnight*, Caitlin M. Crouch, and Garrett P. Rue. Climate change and water quality in the Rocky Mountains: Challenges of too much summer for addressing acid rock drainage (invited). B32B-01.

Thomas M. Marchitto*, Hannah R. Grist, and Alexander van Geen. Measuring past changes in ENSO variance using Mg/Ca measurements on individual planktic foraminifera. OS34A-07.

Irina Overeem, Benjamin D. Hudson, Ethan Welty, Adam LeWinter, and Andreas B. Mikkelsen. River channel expansion reveals ice sheet runoff variations. C33B-0730.

Scott D. Peckham*. Smart frameworks and self-describing models: Model metadata for automated coupling of hydrologic process components (invited). IN33C-01.

Kimberly G. Rogers* and Irina Overeem. Modeling floodplain dynamics: Can the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta keep pace with 21st century sea level rise? EP31A-0830.

Alan R. Townsend*. Stepping in to the social media world: Reflections from both personal and institutional points of view (invited). PA31B-1823.

Amy J. Wagner*, Jennifer Zivkovic, David Anderson, and Natalie E. Umling. Combining geochemical proxies in Porites coral cores from Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia. PP31A-1837.

Eric W. Winchell*, Daniel F. Doak, and Robert S. Anderson. Modeling the gopher-meadow eco-geomorphic system on montane hillslopes. H33A-1329.

Thursday 12 December

Laura Backus*, Albert Kettner, John Giordanengo, and Ignacio Sacatoro. Cloud forest restoration for erosion control in a Kichwa community of the Ecuadorian central Andes. B41F-08.

Holly R. Barnard* and Matthew C. Findley. PARduino: A simple device measuring and logging photosynthetically active radiation. H43H-1576.

Megan M. Bela*, Mary C. Barth, Owen Toon, Alan Fried, Hugh Morrison, Kenneth E. Pickering, Kristin Cummings, Yunyao Li, Dale J. Allen, and Kevin Manning. Evaluation of the importance of wet scavenging for the May 29, 2012 DC3 severe storm case using results from WRF-CHEM simulations. A41B-0036.

Charon M. Birkett, Brian D. Beckley, Curt A. Reynolds, G. R. Brakenridge, and Martina Ricko. The NASA/USDA reservoir and lake monitor: Present and future capabilities and water resources applications. H43G-1532.

Kevin J. Coakley*, John B. Miller, Scott Lehman, Stephen A. Montzka, Arlyn E. Andrews, and Benjamin R. Miller. Creating a multi-gas proxy for δ14C and atmospheric fossil fuel CO2. A41J-06.

Alan Fried*, Petter Weibring, Dirk Richter, James Walega, Jennifer R. Olson, James H. Crawford, Glenn S. Diskin, Glen W. Sachse, Thomas F. Hanisco, Heather L. Arkinson, Mary C. Barth, Teresa L. Campos, Frank M. Flocke, Eric C. Apel, Rebecca S. Hornbrook, Samuel R. Hall, Megan M. Bela, Christopher A. Cantrell, Donald R. Blake, and Nicola J. Blake. Formaldehyde photochemistry in the upper troposphere in and near convective storms during the DC3 Study. A41B-0037.

Hannah Grist*, Thomas M. Marchitto, Andrew O. Parker, Joseph D. Ortiz, and Alexander van Geen. Testing for orbital and solar forcing of the ENSO system during the Holocene. OS41D-1861.

Robert G. Hatfield*, Joseph S. Stoner, and Anne E. Jennings. Paleo- and environmental magnetic record of Holocene marine sediments from West Greenland. GP41B-1120.

Lei Hu*, Stephen A. Montzka, John B. Miller, Arlyn E. Andrews, Benjamin R. Miller, Kirk W. Thoning, Colm Sweeney, Scott Lehman, Huilin Chen, Lori Bruhwiler, Kenneth Masarie, Scot M. Miller, Marc L. Fischer, Eri Saikawa, James W. Elkins, and Pieter P. Tans. Atmosphere-based nation-wide emission estimates of hydrofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons from the U.S. A41J-05.

Ari Kassin*, Ryan P. Cody, William F. Manley, Allison G. Gaylord, Mike Dover, Roberta Score, David H. Lin, Sandra Villarreal, Abdiel Quezada, and Craig E. Tweedie. Strategic assessment for arctic observing, and the new Arctic Observing Viewer. IN41C-1631.

Alia L. Khan*, Yan Ding, Rudolf Jaffe, and Diane M. McKnight. Using black carbon as a tracer of human impact in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. C43B-0666.

Amanda Labrdo*, Joseph E. Knelman, Emily B. Graham, Scott Ferrenberg, and Diana R. Nemergut. Microbial extracellular enzyme activity and community assembly processes post fire disturbance. B41F-06.

Benjamin Nault*, Charity Garland, Paul J. Wooldridge, John Crounse, Jason M. St Clair, Paul O. Wennberg, Tomas Mikoviny, Armin Wisthaler, Ilana B. Pollack, Jeff Smith, Thomas B. Ryerson, Kirk Ullmann, Samuel R. Hall, Glenn S. Diskin, Glen W. Sachse, Athanasios Nenes, Jack E. Dibb, Thomas F. Hanisco, Alan Fried, and Ronald C. Cohen. Observations of atmospheric methyl peroxy nitrate during the Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry experiment. A41B-0028.

Irina Overeem* and Wonsuck Kim. Understanding coupled earth-surface processes through experiments and models (invited). EP43D-0879.

Peter L. Pulsifer*, Lynn Yarmey, William F. Manley, Allison G. Gaylord, and Craig E. Tweedie. Building an international polar data coordination network. IN41C-1634.

Dominik Schneider* and Noah P. Molotch. Combining remotely-sensed snow water equivalent with in-situ measurements to produce a real-time SWE product. C41B-0633.

Peter J. Webster*, Thomas M. Hopson, Feyera A. Hirpa, G. R. Brakenridge, Tom De-Groeve, Kristofer Shrestha, Mekonnen Gebremichael, and Pedro J. Restrepo. Remote sensing and river discharge forecasting for major rivers in South Asia (invited). NH41C-06.

Andrew D. Wickert*. Inexpensive open-source data logging in the field. H43H-1574.

Friday 13 December

Ravan Ahmadov*, Stuart A. McKeen, Wayne M. Angevine, Gregory J. Frost, James M. Roberts, Joost A. De Gouw, Carsten Warneke, Jeff Peischl, Steven S. Brown, Peter M. Edwards, Robert J. Wild, Yelena L. Pichugina, Robert M. Banta, Alan Brewer, Christoph J. Senff, Andrew O. Langford, Gabrielle Petron, Anna Karion, Colm Sweeney, Russell C. Schnell, Bryan Johnson, Robert J. Zamora, Detlev Helmig, Jeong-Hoo Park, Jason Evans, Chelsea R. Stephens, Joseph B. Olson, and Michael Trainer. Modeling of meteorology, tracer transport and chemistry for the Uintah Basin Winter Ozone Studies 2012 and 2013. A53A-0152.

Robert M. Banta*, Alan Brewer, Randal S. Martin, Russell C. Schnell, Bryan Johnson, Gabrielle Petron, Colm Sweeney, Anna Karion, Detlev Helmig, Chelsea R. Stephens, Jason Evans, Christoph J. Senff, Scott Sandberg, Ann Weickmann, R. M. Hardesty, Ravan Ahmadov, James M. Roberts, Stephen A. Conley, and Robert J. Zamora. Meteorological and topographic conditions in the wintertime Uintah Basin leading to high ozone concentrations. A53A-0154.

William R. Bolton*, Robert Busey, Larry D. Hinzman, and Scott D. Peckham. Simulation of water and land-surface feedbacks in a polygonal tundra environment. C53A-0541.

Edward Dunlea* and James W. C. White. Understanding and monitoring abrupt climate change and its impacts: A study from the National Academy of Sciences. GC51A-0936.

Peter M. Edwards*, Kenneth Aikin, Joost A. De Gouw, William P. Dube, Felix Geiger, Jessica Gilman, Detlev Helmig, John Holloway, James P. Kercher, Abigail Koss, Brian M. Lerner, Randal S. Martin, Robert McLaren, Kyung-Eun Min, David D. Parrish, Jeff Peischl, James M. Roberts, Thomas B. Ryerson, Joel A. Thornton, Patrick R. Veres, Carsten Warneke, Robert J. Wild, Eric J. Williams, Cora Young, Bin Yuan, and Steven S. Brown. Sensitivities of winter ozone pollution events in oil and gas producing regions to VOCs, NOx and radicals (invited). A51H-08.

Michael N. Gooseff*, John E. Barrett, Allison Truhlar, Byron Adams, Peter T. Doran, Andrew G. Fountain, William B. Lyons, Diane M. McKnight, John C. Priscu, Cristina D. Takacs-Vesbach, Ross A. Virginia, and Diana H. Wall. End of the trend: Cold desert ecosystem responses to climate variability. B52A-04.

Katya A. Hafich*, Peter Erb, Chris Ray, and Mark W. Williams. Connecting Long Term Ecological Research to the classroom: A partnership between ScienceLIVE and Niwot Ridge LTER. ED53C-0651.

Adrian A. Harpold* and Noah P. Molotch. Investigating snowmelt infiltration dynamics in the western U.S. using the SNOTEL Network. H51K-1347.

Albert J. Kettner*, James P. Syvitski, Irina Overeem, and G. R. Brakenridge. Flood deposition patterns and channel migration due to a 10-year flood event: The case of the Indus River flood 2010. EP52B-01.

Myung G. Kim*, John C. Lin, Lin Huang, Thomas W. Edwards, Doug Worthy, Daniel K. Wang, Colm Sweeney, James W. C. White, Arlyn E. Andrews, Lori Bruhwiler, Tomohiro Oda, and Feng Deng. Assessing uncertainties in GHG emission estimates from Canada’s oil sands developments. A53H-08.

Claudio Mazzoleni*, Swarup China, Noopur Sharma, Kyle Gorkowski, Manvendra Krishna Dubey, Allison C. Aiken, Rahul A. Zaveri, Neila Salvadori, Rajan K. Chakrabarty, Hans Moosmuller, Timothy B. Onasch, Scott Herndon, Leah R. Williams, Shang Liu, Katja Dzepina, Detlev Helmig, Jacques Hueber, Paulo J. Fialho, Lynn R. Mazzoleni, Sumit Kumar, Michael Dziobak, and Kendra Wright. Evolution of soot particle morphology and mixing state in the atmosphere. A54C-06.

Diane M. McKnight*. Exploring the forgotten hypothesis of the river continuum concept: Tracking dissolved organic matter downstream in the modern era of continuous in situ measurements. H51T-01.

Cynthia D. Nevison*, Stuart N. Riddick, Eri Saikawa, and Peter G. Hess. Impact of aquatic and terrestrial emissions on atmospheric N2O variability. B53B-0462.

Gabrielle Petron*, Benjamin R. Miller, Stephen A. Montzka, Edward J. Dlugokencky, Jonathan Kofler, Colm Sweeney, Anna Karion, Gregory J. Frost, Detlev Helmig, Jacques Hueber, Russell C. Schnell, Stephen A. Conley, and Pieter P. Tans. What measurements tell us about air composition and emissions in three US oil and gas fields. A53A-0149.

Chelsea R. Stephens*, Detlev Helmig, Jason Evans, Jacques Hueber, Jeong-Hoo Park, and Patrick Boylan. Vertical distribution of non-methane hydrocarbons during winter ozone production events in the Uintah Basin. A51H-03.

James P. Syvitski*, Sagy Cohen, Albert J. Kettner, and G. R. Brakenridge. New possibilities in global hydrology and sediment transport (invited). EP53E-02.

Allison M. Truhlar*, Michael N. Gooseff, Diane M. McKnight, John C. Priscu, and Peter T. Doran. Two decades of variability in nutrient budgets for ice-covered, closed basin lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. GC53B-1057.


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