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September 8th, 2003

Long-term North Atlantic oceanographic variability and solar forcing

John Andrews led a six-person team to reconstruct a high-resolution paleoceanographic history off North Iceland for the past 12,000 years. Team members included INSTAAR's Joe Stoner and Greta Kristjansdottir, INSTAAR alumni Jorunn Hardadottir (Iceland Energy Authority), Michael Mann (U Virginia), and Nalân Koç (Norsk Polar Institute).The team found links between variations in grain-size, magnetic concentration, and solar forcing that appear to be controlled by changes in the relative advection of Atlantic and polar waters. This conclusion may have implications for global ocean circulation, in part because present advection changes on the North Iceland margin are associated with variations in deep convection in the Greenland and Iceland Seas. The research was published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, volume 210(3-4), pages 453-465.