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August 10th, 2010

New geomorphology textbook gets rave reviews

Bob and Suzanne Anderson have just published their textbook Geomorphology: The mechanics and chemistry of landscapes with Cambridge Press. At 654 pages and 580 illustrations, this book represents a decade of work. Early reviews are glowing:

"… this book is terrific! … a model of what a textbook should be, and the first place I'd send a student or colleague to get them excited about landscapes and how we study them."
- Chris Paola, Professor of Geology & Geophysics, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Minneapolis

"This much needed, skillfully crafted text will be welcomed by the geomorphology community. … the text can be used for an introductory course, or as part of a more advanced course. … The overall reaction of my students using a draft version has been very positive."
- David Jon Furbish, Professor & Chair, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt University

"A wonderful, wide ranging review of the modern science of geomorphology."
- Niels Hovius, Lecturer, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

"The book is both authoritative and accessible, encouraging students (and instructors) to think creatively and precisely about how the landscape evolves. Unlike previous geomorphology texts, it provides a consistent approach for defining and solving models for the full range of features found on the surface of the Earth."
- Peter R. Wilcock, Professor & Associate Chair, Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

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