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October 15th, 2005

Ozone and the Oceans

Shelly Sommer created a poster display for the Discovery Science Center that describes a project, led by Detlev Helmig, to measure ozone fluxes over the oceans. The poster also explains the role of ozone in the troposphere vs. the stratosphere. The hands-on science center is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and serves 35,000 visitors each year; many attendees are children from northern Colorado and Wyoming.

A companion web site, Ozone and the Oceans, was created with the assistance of David Lubinski. The site is an educational resource for grades 5-12 that describes the science, introduces team members, and provides updates on the project, a glossary, and downloadable PDFs of the Science Center posters. The site has been added to the Digital Library for Earth Science Education (DLESE) and the National Science Digital Library.