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Research Theme: Biological Classification


Diatoms of North America gets a website refresh

Diatoms of North America gets a website refresh

A new version of the community-based website Diatoms of North America launched today at Previously known as Diatoms of the United States, the website is an online guide to diatoms that helps researchers identify almost 900 species.

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Why do taxonomists write the meanest obituaries?

Nautilus podcast about a long-form article is replete with snippets from excoriating 19th-century obituaries - and a few moments with one of our favorite taxonomists, Sarah Spaulding.

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A burgeoning world in a few grains of sand: Course on environmental-analysis techniques yields study

The 2010 Fourmile Fire, the costliest in terms of private-property loss in Colorado to that date, opened the door for CU-Boulder scientists, including graduate students and undergraduates, to study the microbial response to wildfire over time. Students in Diana Nemergut's course teaching technical skills in environmental microbiology conducted field research and produced a scientific paper.

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