Atreyee Bhattacharya


Current Courses

  • ENVS 4100: Special Topics in ENVS: The Marine and the Maritime


    Love the oceans? Worried about the future of this massive (75%) environment? Come and explore coral reefs, sea ice stability, ocean acidification, polar oceans, marine biodiversity, trash in the oceans and much more in this unique seminar style class. Learn how to read peer reviewed papers, reports, debate and work in groups to come up with unique solutions to ocean based issues.
  • ENVS 4800/IAFS 4500: Drought, Climate and Conflict


    Ever wondered how the environment might play a role in conflict? Has access to energy been critical? How might we approach these complex human-environment-climate interactions? Come and participate in a class that centers around understanding these questions while learning new data analyses tools in the context of new cultures and societies. Become proficient in using scientific method to develop policies. Most of all, take the first step to becoming global citizens.