ALUM: no longer at INSTAAR

Celene Christensen

MS Graduate



  • HBS: Oregon State University, 2011

Contact Information


Holocene climate change, paleolimnology, active volcanism, stable isotope biogeochemistry.

Research Interests

Impact of volcanic perturbations, climate variability, and anthropogenic presence to lacustrine ecosystems in Iceland through the Holocene.



I am a second year Masters student at INSTAAR working under Giff Miller to study the impact of climate variability, volcanic pertubrations, and anthropogenic presence on lacustrine ecosystems in Iceland throughout the Holocene.  We use proxy records (including but not limited to % total organic carbon, % nitrogen, d13C, d15N, % biogenic silica, C:N) collected from high resolution sampling of lake sediment cores to interpret how lake biogeochemisty changes and adjusts following abrupt perturbations from active volcanism.  These changed are additionally overlain by longterm shifts in climate and in the more recent portion of the Holocene anthropogenic influences.  By comparing lakes along a longitudinal gradiant we are able to capture a spectrum of promixty to volcanic sources, elevations, proximity to the coast, latitudes, and climates within Iceland.  This work will help us better understand changes to lacustrine ecosystem biogeochemistry following volcanic events.