Cynthia Nevison

Cynthia Nevison

Research Scientist of INSTAAR


  • PhD: Stanford University, 1994
  • MS: Stanford University, 1988
  • BS: University of California, Berkeley, 1987

Contact Information

(Office) 303 492-7924


Biogeochemistry, biosphere-atmosphere interactions.


Biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen and their impact on atmospheric trace gases, including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and atmospheric potential oxygen.  Current research focuses on numerical modeling of the global carbon-nitrogen cycle in an Earth System Model and the evaluation of regional and global carbon, nitrogen and oxygen fluxes, both predicted by ESMs and derived from remote sensing data, based on trends and seasonal and interannual variability observed in atmospheric trace gases.


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Global and Climate Change, NOAA, 1994
  • Graduate Fellowship, NCAR Advanced Study Program, 1991
  • Graduate Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 1989
  • Graduate Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 1987